Thursday, April 30, 2015

What's in a name? Baby Name Reveal!

Andy and I had both the boy and girl name picked before we found out what we were having. Funnily enough we've had the boy name set for years and the girl name kind of came together after piecing together the few girl names we agreed on. Then right before we found out we were pregnant we were walking through our church's Sunday school classrooms and saw a picture created by a little girl with the exact same name we were kicking around. We were hooked after that.

 So without further ado, our daughter's name is......

And we will call her Anna Grace. Well we will introduce her as Anna Grace. Andy has already nicknamed her Gracie, my office calls her AG, and I, for some random reason, think Aggs is a cute nickname. (How perfect if she went to Texas A&M?) We have a short, one syllable last name, so I think she can carry the double name. Obviously we'll see what develops over time, but for now a double name it is.

Anna - Hebrew - Means Gracious, Merciful

Grace - Latin - Charm 

It's been a little weird to actually write her name on daycare and doctors forms and then it was a real reality check when we started receiving gifts with her name and monogram on them. I love it, but boy does it make it official.

We can't wait to welcome Anna Grace to the world, well in a couple months. She already has us wrapped around her little finger and we could not be more in love.


  1. So sweet!! Love that you have a name picked, love that you're calling her by the full Anna Grace, love that so many people have already picked their own nicknames for her and LOVE all the monograms she already has! So exciting!

  2. I love her name & all of the monogrammed things that have already begun popping up for her!

  3. Love the name! I've always been a fan of double names.

  4. I have always loved the name Grace and my grandmother's name is Anna! Beautiful!!

  5. So glad I came across your blog today! I just followed you =]

    ps love the name!!

  6. I adore the beautiful name you chose, and the nicknames you and your hubby already have picked out for her too!! So sweet!! :)

  7. I love the name. I have a few friends with double names and it is real sweet. I love that you have cute nicknames as well!

  8. Sweet ANNA GRACE. How perfect. Love all the monograms :)

  9. Oh I love love love her name! BG rocks a double name too and I love it.


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