Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2 Months

- At her two month appointment Anna Grace weighed 10lbs 10oz and was 22 inches long. Grow baby grow!

- Baby Girl got three shots at the pediatricians office. The nurse was super quick and got them all done before she even had a chance to cry.  I think Mom and Dad were more bothered than she was. Anna Grace slept almost all day after her appointment. I may have cheated and held her all day, even through naps, just to make her feel better. (Or because I loved the cuddles. )

 - We graduated to Number 1 diapers and all 0-3 month onesies. They are all huge on her but we didn't want to buy a big pack of newborn diapers and then not be able to use them all.

- Sleeps 5-6 hours during the night. Usually she eats around 8-9:00pm, fusses, we pace the house, and then fall asleep. We started giving her a bottle for this feeding so we know she is getting enough food. She sleeps until 3-4am, when my prince of a husband gets up and gives her a bottle, then usually goes right back to sleep until 7-9am. She has slept completely through the night twice now and we have tried to recreate that experience ever since.

- She is nursing and eating from a bottle, just depends on the situation and time of day. She moved up from 3oz to 4oz really quickly in the last two weeks. We go through bottle and pump parts like crazy. I feel like there is always something waiting to be washed.

- The girls visited a local pottery painting place and made Dad a mug for his birthday. We put Anna Grace's footprints on the mug and wrote Dad on it. Andy was totally surprised and loves the first present from his little girl.

- Her happy place is still on her changing table, post diaper change. She could sit there all day and stare at her diaper wreath. This is where we see the most smiles and hear the most talking. 

- Anna Grace started showing us her sweet smile. It's appears randomly but it warms our heart every time.

- Andy's Dad came down from Maryland for a visit. Her grandfather fell in love immediately and they were best buds for the whole trip. He came up with the perfect saying for Anna Grace, "She winds up to wind down". She is always super fussy right before she falls asleep.

- The baby has been holding her head up from day one, but we make sure to practice with lots of tummy time.

- Poor baby must be as tone deaf as her mama because she actually likes to hear me sing, and let me tell you, I'm no singer. When she is super fussy we pace the house and I sing to her and she usually calms down by the fourth line. Her favorite songs are Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves Me, and Ms Grace by the The Tymes.

- My brother has been in Washington DC all summer doing an internship, but when he came back to SC the first thing he did was come visit his niece. It was love at first sight for both of them. Honestly some of the first smiles we ever saw from Anna Grace were for Uncle Neal.

- We took the advice of some friends and got her a Summer's Infant sleep pod. I wasn't sure how she would like it since she loves sleeping with her arms above her head, but it was a hit. The baby slept more soundly and I went ahead and bought the next stage up and she seems to like that one too. We call it her burrito look.

- Speaking of sleep, we started putting her in the crib at night right at 6 weeks. She sleeps so soundly in her crib and it was a super easy transition. We've heard horror stories about trying to get your baby to sleep in the crib so we wanted to do it early. She still mostly nap in your rocker, but sometimes we put her in the crib too.

- We go on lots of car rides during the day and she almost always fall asleep.

- We've only gone on a couple strolls since it's so hot but she likes those a lot. She is always bright eyed and looking around and super calm, which is a big deal for her. We love showing her off to the neighbors who have watched our family grow from being newly weds, to adding Camden, to now being a family of four.

- Nicknames: AG, baby girl, fuss pants, sassy, little girl

- She has discovered her tongue and sticks it out all the time. This means the pacifier has a tendency to go flying at a moments notice. We finally invested in pacifier clip.

- Anna Grace definitely has some sass to her and people say she gets it from me. (I don't believe that for a minute. ;)

- She really likes to sit up on our laps or in the Bobby pillow and we've found it really helps after she eats. She also really likes to sit in her bouncy seat. This has come in handy while cooking dinner. Plus it allows Andy and I to eat dinner at the same time, which we haven't done in ages. (Weird the things you start to appreciate after baby.)

- Andy started a new job in July, because we like to group all our life changing events into 30 days of each other. Unfortunately that meant he had lots of training to do, which included three overnight trips. My mom came to help in the evenings, but we survived the nights all by ourselves. I'm really proud of us and thankful the baby was so good during the nights. 

- AG's latest trick is to kick off her socks. She always starts with the right sock. We find one sock randomly all over the house.

- She has also found her hands and loves putting them in her mouth. It threw us off at first since that usually meant she was hungry, but now it's just a way of playing.

- We started out the month with an extremely fussy baby and ended with a much calmer baby. I think this is partly because Andy and I are learning what works best for her and partly the is baby just maturing. Either way, she is much more fun and I love getting to interact with her a little more.

Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back baby girl!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Five On Friday - Non Baby Related

1) Peaches - Did you know that South Carolina actually produces more peaches than Georgia? Well we do and peaches just so happen to be my favorite fruit, next to pineapple. I'm so excited because I had a friend give me a couple homegrown peaches from Gaffney, SC. (Any House of Cards watches out there?)

2) CeraVe Foaming Cleanser - I saw a bunch of people blog about this face wash and I was in the market for a new one. I've really loved this product, it doesn't dry out my skin and it's super easy to pick up at an convenient store.

3) Omegaderm - We've given this fish oil to Camden for over a year and we love it. The pup has always had dry skin and half a packet a day makes him so happy. Well, it's been on back-order through our vet all summer and the itching is driving us all crazy, but I decided to randomly check on Amazon and I was shocked to find it. We told the vet where we found it at his two year old checkup and she was thrilled. If your pup has dry skin I highly recommend asking your vet about Omegaderm.

4) Crazy Rich Asians by. Kevin Kwan - I'm not getting much time to read but when I do I'm really enjoying this book. It's a fun story about a guy who brings his girlfriend home to Singapore to meet his family for the first time. However he doesn't tell her about the world of wealth he comes from and it's quite a surprise as she slowly learns the truth.

5) Project Runway - I can't believe they are on season 14! I've been watching this show since the beginning and love that it's still going.

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