Hello out there in blog world. I, totally by accident, lost track of my blog. I still kept up with all my favorite blogs and enjoyed reading about everyone else’s fascinating lives. But I missed documenting what was going on around me, more or less because it’s all happening so fast and I don’t want to forget it all. So here is a little insight into what has been happening the last seven months.
We have enjoyed being back in Columbia, SC. It is my hometown and where both Andy and I went to college. We weren’t sure if the city would feel small town and outdated to us, however we have had a lot of fun since being back. We have taken full advantage of our friends being close, all the fun cultural events (who knew there were so many in SC), and of course all the University of South Carolina sporting events we can handle. Then we did some shopping. First house shopping, then furniture and rug shopping, and finally next weekend we will be puppy shopping.
We have been talking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog since we saw one in the Westminster Dog Show five years ago. We learned everything we could about the breed over the years and knew it was perfect for us. We found a breeder just an hour away and we get to pickup our very own little guy next weekend. It’s a dream come true. I’ll be sure to fill you all in on this adventure. I’m sure I’ll need lots of advice as this is my very first dog EVER!
(This little guy isn't ours but hopefully he will be just as cute!)
So just a quick post to jump start me back into the blog world.