Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap - Starting the Nursery

This weekend was all about the nursery, well the start of it. I mentioned earlier that my mother-in-law was nice enough to come to town and paint the room we are using as the nursery. Talk about an amazing gift and help this was. The room before was hunter green, which I hated, and had cream trim. It was used as a guest room and storage for lots of junk.

Sorry for the terrible picture. I had already started taking apart the bed and walls and only then realized I should take a "before" picture.

My MIL painted the trim bright white, my favorite!, and primed and painted the whole room. (We went with Olympic Toasted Almond for the walls.) She even hard waxed the floors. They look so good and I can guarantee it would have never occurred to me do that, but they look amazing. Andy was able to put the crib together in able 10 minutes with no fuss. I had heard horror stories about how difficult it was to put cribs together and was so relieved that it was so easy.

The looks black in the picture, but it's a dark wood color. 

So the nursery is officially started. Now we just need a dresser, a glider, a rug, curtains, decorations, and the baby. Thankfully we have a few months before baby though. ;)


  1. Y'all are off to a great start though. What a beautiful crib!

  2. So exciting!!! Your MIL did a fantastic job! What a sweet gift her time, energy, and effort truly was! How awesome that your hubby was able to get the crib put together so quickly, and without any issues! It all looks beautiful!! : )

  3. So exciting! Other than the crib, we repurposed furniture for Shelby's room and bought a dresser off Craigslists and painted it. :)


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