Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Recap - Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day weekend! We had a very busy Saturday that wasn't exactly romance based, but we spent the whole day together which was awesome.

Saturday morning I got up with Camden, since he wakes up at 7:00am no matter what day of the week it is, and let Andy sleep in. I ran to Dunkin Donuts and picked up breakfast. We exchanged a few small gifts and then hit the road to Gaffney, SC to visit their outlet mall.

Our first stop was the Coach store. I had received a couple small Coach purses for Christmas gifts and wanted to exchange them for one big one. Well I was shocked to find that they wouldn't take any of them since they claimed the pursed were purchased over 60 days ago. Every purse had the original tag on them, were in perfect condition, and when I said I got them as gifts this past Christmas and didn't have the receipts or know when they were purchased I was basically told tough luck. Ummm, what?!?! Has anyone had better luck with Coach or is my only option to sell them myself and use the profits to buy any other brand of purse?

Okay rant is over.

Moving on to the wonderful part of our trip. I had fallen in love the the Pottery Barn rocker that Christina from Carolina Charm got for her daughter's nursery instantly. I pinned it, dreamed about it, and then tried to forget about it, because there was no way I could convince Andy to pay that much for a chair. Well we were walking around the Pottery Barn outlet store and there sat my dream rocker. We both sat in it and marveled at how comfortable it was. We liked that it's not oversized, the armrests are a little higher, the fabric was neutral and would go with everything, and the fact that you can switch the rocker legs for regular feet and use it as a stable chair was a huge selling point. So then it just came down to the price. Well the original tag said a price well over $1,000, and that's so far out of our price range it's not even funny. Well it already had a 30% discount being in the outlet store and then there was the 20% off for their President's Day sale and then we got another 20% off from the friends and family email. I almost reached across the counter and hugged the cashier I was so excited when she told us the final price. We were taking my dream rocker home to our little nursery. I beamed all the way home.

(The fabric looks white in this picture, but it's more like a tan/linen color)

Since we were in the upstate around lunchtime and a pregnant lady has to eat, we decided to try a South Carolina landmark for the first time, The Beacon and I'll share more about that experience in a later post.

When we got back home Andy surprised me with already having a low-key dinner planned. Fresh Market had an amazing deal of two steaks, a pound of asparagus, whipped potatoes, huge chocolate dipped strawberries, and a dozen roses. We baked the steaks and heated up the veggies. It was a perfect way to end our long day.


  1. all these sweets look great. that's a way to spend valentines!

  2. Any Saturday that involves a road trip to an outlet mall is a good Saturday, but even more so when you find something you've had your eye on & it's super on sale. Congrats on your find! :)

  3. SCORE on the glider! Hooray! That is a steal. Sounds like a nice day.

  4. AHH you got the glider!! So exciting!


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