Thursday, February 19, 2015

22 Weeks

I definitely feel like I've "popped" this week. I've had more people comment on the baby bump and it's pretty much impossible to hide. I loving finally looking pregnant, instead of just looking like I overate. I find myself resting my hands on my belly, which I always noticed other pregnant women doing. It's just comfortable and safe feeling.

How Far Along? 22 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby:
spaghetti squash (8in and at least 1lb)

:  Baby Girl

Maternity Clothes:
 So, funny story. I had a business meeting yesterday and had what I thought would be a cute outfit all planned out. Of course I put it on and it was definitely not cute, it was terrible, horrible, made me look like a blimp with stumpy legs bad. (Totally rational thinking going on.) I then proceeded to pull everything I own out of the closet and try it on. I finally found an outfit, but at the end of the day Andy gave the huge pile of clothes on the bed a questioning eye and asked “Rough morning”? Needless to say, wardrobe planning has gotten a little tougher.

We added the rocker to the nursery this weekend and I’m still in love with it. Read all about how we bought it for a steal here.

Yes! It’s not all the time, but when I sit still for a while or lay down I can feel her roll around. It sometimes feels like a wave in my belly or a bubble popping. I’m trying to enjoy these sweet movements since I know un-fun kicks to the ribs and punches to the bladder are in my future.

My lower belly has been pretty achy lately, especially when I’ve been sitting a while and then get up fast. I can definitely tell the muscles are stretching, which means baby is growing! I can also tell when I’ve been standing too long, because my lower back aches for days afterward. I’m a little nervous about my road trip to DC next week, any tips about how to keep the aches and pains at bay?

For the first week really I haven’t slept well. I can’t seem to get comfortable, I freak out when I wake up not on my side, and this crazy weather has made me super congested.

I’m not craving anything in particular, but my hunger level is way up. I want to snack constantly. I’m trying my best to only eat sweets in moderation, but we have so much in the house right now. Everything needs to be replaced with only fruits and veggies, I’ve got that glucose tests in a couple weeks and I’m already nervous about it.

What I Miss:
 Being low maintenance. I was at a meeting where they served box lunches and I had to ask if there was a microwave somewhere so I could heat up my sandwich. It wasn’t a big deal and the coordinator totally understood since she is a mom too, but I hated having to ask.

Best Moment This Week:
This is easy, because this moment will be burned in my brain forever; Andy felt our daughter move last night. I was lying in bed reading when he came to bed, so I just put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel anything. (I’ve done this a dozen times before with no luck so far.) I made sure not to prompt him when I felt something and suddenly his eyes flew open and he asked “did you just tighten your stomach?” I said nope, that was baby girl moving. She kicked around more than ever before last night, showing off for Daddy obviously. It was a great moment and I love when Andy can be involved in the pregnancy.

Looking Forward To:
A quiet weekend and nursery planning on Pinterest. We have had pretty busy weekends so far and we both have a crazy week next week, so a little down time is what I’m looking forward to.


  1. Your sandwich story had me laughing because I will officially be the worst pregnant person ever. I already get queasy so easily and have to do things like that! I'm doomed.

  2. So sweet he got to feel her move! That is a really neat aspect of pregnancy! I hated my maternity work wardrobe! I sported a lot of tanks/cardigans/jackets as the belly grew but I think I rocked 2 pairs of work pants to their max. HA!

  3. Don't freak out about waking up on your back! I asked my doctor about it because the same thing was happening to me. She said that *if* the vena cava is compressing to a point of restricting blood flow you'd have symptoms of feeling light headed and that since you're pregnant that vessel is already enlarged to accommodate increased blood flow. Clearly, its still best not to lie on your back, but just know that if you were at the point of doing damage, you would have a symptom - I've never really experienced that luckily. And, after awhile, your subconscious will just start waking you up when you roll on your back...or at least mine has! If nothing else, just get yourself that giant "U" shaped pregnancy will keep yo u still!

  4. Eeeee this is all so exciting! I'm with you on the sleeping on your side thing but Mallorys comment makes me feel better!

  5. So exciting! I so would get over the microwave! Non pregos do that!! Planning is so fun!! Can't wait to see!


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