Thursday, February 5, 2015

20 Weeks - Halfway

Sorry about the shadow, can't seem to get rid of it. 

How Far Along? 20 Weeks, 1 Day! We are halfway, I can’t believe it. When I started these updates I remember thinking this was so far away, but it’s gone by quickly.

Size of Baby:
Mango, 6.5 in and they told us at the ultrasound that she is 12 oz.

:  Still a baby girl, I made them confirm at the ultrasound, because I’m crazy

Maternity Clothes:
Still a mix of maternity and non-maternity pants and all normal shirts. Church on Sunday morning is starting to become a little challenging, but I’m making it work with wrap dresses and tights.

My sweet MIL has offered to paint the nursery for us and is coming in this week to do it. Yay! Although that means we need to actually move all the guest room furniture out. Get ready for house mayhem.

Yes!!!! I am feeling more and more pops. It still isn’t a distinctive punch or kick and you still can’t feel it from the outside, but there is definitely something moving in there.

Unfortunately I had a hard time with heartburn before I got pregnant and boy is it in full force. I’ve tried just to contain it with Tums, the Smoothies are the best!, but I’m thinking about taking Prilosec. My OB said it was safe, but has anyone else taken it while pregnant?

Still great. I mostly feel her move when I’m falling asleep or just waking up. Still waking up mostly on my stomach. I think it’s worrying Andy, because he mentioned the other day that we should really get me a body pillow to keep me upright and on my left side. I’m obviously totally up for shopping. ;)

Water, ice cold water! I’ve been so thirsty.

What I Miss:
 I was honestly fine drinking water during the game while everyone else had a cocktail this weekend, which I was a little surprised about. I brought along a couple LaCroix to make myself feel included and it worked great.

Best Moment This Week:
We had our 20 week ultrasound appointment on Monday and we loved seeing baby girl for so long. Our ultrasound tech was so nice and talked us through everything and told us what they were looking for and how everything looking healthy. I knew parenthood was stressful, but I never realized that the worrying started before baby even arrived. When parents say all they want is a healthy baby, it’s not just a saying, all you really want is a healthy baby.

Looking Forward To:
I’m excited to get the nursery started and to walk my MIL through everything we have been doing to prep for the baby. Our daughter is the first grandchild on both sides of our family, so everything is new and fun for everyone involved.


  1. Yay for halfway! & yay for being able to get started on your nursery!

  2. You look great! Hooray for hitting the halfway mark!! The rest of your second trimester will fly by. Enjoy it! Yay for getting started on the nursery too. :)

  3. So exciting! You look fab! Can't wait to see the nursery!


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