Wednesday, February 11, 2015

21 Weeks

How Far Along? 21 weeks

Size of Baby:
size of a banana (tracker says 11 oz, but we know she was 12 oz last Monday.)

:  Sweet little girl

Maternity Clothes:
I regret it every time I try to make a pair of my regular pants work. I’ve been able to switch back and forth up to this point, but I think I’ve past it now. I’m copying April from A.Liz Adventures’ idea of the skinny beat to prevent the “tent” look with dresses and flowy shirts. The more structure you can introduce to the wardrobe the better at this point.

I mentioned here that our nursery is painted and the crib is put together. Lots more to do, but I love walking by and seeing the progress. We need to pick out bedding soon, so we can decide on a rug. The room echoes pretty bad at the moment and a rug would definitely help.

It’s still hard to tell exactly what is the baby and what is um *cough* air moving around. I usually feel it when I’m lying down at night or early in the morning. I had Andy sit with his hand on my stomach, but all he could feel was my heartbeat. Did you know about feeling the mother’s heartbeat on your stomach? I sure didn’t.

I finally caved and started taking Prilosec for my heartburn. After waking up in the middle of the night with super strong heartburn I threw in the towel. I’ve used it before and it worked like a charm and thankfully it is working again. Three whole days without heartburn so far, that’s a huge record for my pregnancy.

I’ve been waking up when I turn over at night, which is out of the ordinary for me. And Andy woke me up the other night to say I was sleeping on my back, which I never do, and was snoring, which I hope I never do. I’ve been putting off buying the body pillow, but I think I’m actually doing to take the plunge.

Nothing in particular, however my appetite has increased a ton this week. I’ll basically been snacking all through the day and then I only eat small portions at meal time because I get full so fast. Hopefully this won’t get out of hand and it just means baby girl is growing.

What I Miss:
Not having anything to follow up on. Call me naïve, but I’d never thought of all the stuff you have to do before baby gets here. I knew you had to get a nursery ready and register for stuff and go to your doctor’s appointments, but that was about it. Umm, no! My life is consumed with setting up appointments to tour child care places, arranging pediatrician meetings, signing up for classes at the hospital, etc. All super important things I just hadn’t thought of. Thankfully, if baby #2 comes along in a couple years all those decisions will already be figured out.

Best Moment This Week:
Seeing our nursery come to life. I hated the original color of the nursery from the day we moved in. However, we always said we wouldn’t bother repainting it until we had a baby on the way. Seeing the room all painted and new definitely gave me the “wow this is really happening” moment.

Looking Forward To:
Figuring out some of the nursery stuff. A trip to Pottery Barn and Ikea may be in our future. ;)


  1. The snoogle was a great pillow for me, although now I wonder if I shouldn't have gotten the one the is shaped more like a U (check amazon). I am a back sleeper and no matter what, every night I end up on my back for some portion of the night. Side sleeping actually hurts my lower back. So I usually have to put a pillow between my husband and me to at least keep me from getting flat on to my back (the snoogle is shaped more like a C). Just my two cents! Also I know it can be disappointing to not feel a ton of movement - but trust me - coming from a Mom-to-be that has a child that is NONSTOP -- enjoy the peace. My child will actually flip out on me if he is not pleased with my posture. I'm talking repeated kicks and punches until I move. Not fun.

  2. Can't wait to see the nursery! I love decorating nurseries. I think I'd have 5 more kids if I could decorate a new room for each of them! You look fantastic!

  3. You are too cute! Oh the heartburn! I am so sorry! That is miserable.

  4. Ah you look so great! I love seeing the nursery progress too and can't wait to see more! Hope the sleeping/heartburn subsides and I hope ya'll have a fabulous v-day weekend! xo


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