Wednesday, April 8, 2015

29 Weeks

How Far Along? 29 weeks

Size of Baby:
Small cabbage (17in. 2.9 lbs)

:  We are having a girl!

Maternity Clothes:
I definitely need to do a little shopping for some new clothes. My choices have become very limited, especially when it comes to shirts. My hope is to buy some basic shirts that I can dress up with regular size cardigans and blazers. I’ve been dreading getting dressed in the morning lately.

Nothing new from last week. Pretty excited about getting the bedding and curtains in, but it’ll still be a couple weeks before that happens.

Lots! I think I felt baby girl have the hiccups for the first time the other night. It felt like very rhythmic, small kicks that lasted for a couple minutes. Of course she stopped right when Andy came to bed so I couldn’t get a second opinion. How do you know when baby has the hiccups?

The top of my belly has been achy this week, which is new. I’m used to the bottom side feeling stretched, but not the top. I still have to sit up pretty straight, because some part of baby is tucked under my ribs. Also, I’ve been a little more emotional this past week. No random crying or anything, I can just sense that my feelings are a little closer to the surface than normal.

Still sleeping great, I almost hate saying that because I’m scared I’ll jinx myself. It is very hard to get up in the morning though. I feel like I could sleep in for hours every morning.

Nothing really. I’m really proud that I stayed completely away from Easter candy this year, however I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate pie I made for Easter dinner.

What I Miss:
Normal shopping. Is it just me or is everything at Old Navy, J Crew, Loft, and Target super cute this spring? I’ve had to talk myself down from buying regular sized clothes, because I just don’t know what will fit after baby. Plus, by the time I can fit into it the season will probably have pasted.

Best Moment This Week:
We had a nice calm weekend where we got lots of stuff around the house done and then went to a beautiful Easter service on Sunday. 

Easter 2015

Looking Forward To:
We are headed to Greenville on Saturday for a friend’s baby shower and I can’t wait to see all my girlfriends. We’ll go up early so we can explore a little bit if the weather is nice. Taking advantage of road trips just the two of us while we can.

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  1. You look so cute pregnant! I've been wondering about hiccups do you know?!!


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