Thursday, April 23, 2015

31 Weeks

How Far Along? 31 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby:
Coconut (18 in, 3.2 lbs)

:  Baby Girl (I swear I’ll post her name next week)

Maternity Clothes:
Oh yes! I ordered a couple maxi dresses off of Pink Blush Maternity and I’m obsessed with them.  You can tell that I’ve been in event season lately with all the garnet and black clothes, but I promise to show off my new finds soon.

We received our crib rail cover and curtains this week and I’m so in love with them. Once everything is put together I’ll do a nursery post.

Little girl has been super active lately. We were sitting in church on Sunday and I had the program resting on my belly and she was kicking it all over the place. Andy thought it was the coolest/weirdest thing ever. Her favorite time is right when I lay down in bed in the evenings. You can see her squirm all over the place. She also has a tendency to push one of her appendages pretty forcefully directly under my right ribs and up between my ribs. And when I say forcefully it’s enough so that I’ll try to push back on them to make her stop. It’s not painful, just super uncomfortable. One of these days I feel like we will be able to make out a hand or foot.

I pay dearly if I stand too long during the day with super swollen feet and ankles; thankfully they go down once I prop them up. I can tell my energy level is dropping quickly at the end of the night. After dinner and walking Camden in the evenings I am ready to crawl in bed.

Still really good, although I feel like I could sleep in every morning despite getting 8+ hours each night. (Gosh I hate answering that question, because I’m scared to jinx myself.)  

I’m still loving Rita’s Italian Ice and was able to convince Andy to go twice since my last post. Something about the frozen custard and flavored ice just feels like the ultimate guilty pleasure at the moment.

What I Miss:
 I’m pretty happy at the moment.  

Best Moment This Week:
 We had our preparation for birth class on Saturday and it was better than I expected. It was taught by a labor and delivery nurse who had two young children, so she could speak from both a nurse and a patient perspective. It was a little surreal to take the tour of the hospital at the end of the class. I had the “oh gosh, this is really going to happen and you have no/to very little say about when and how it happens”. My inner-planner was not happy.

Looking Forward To:
My mom is throwing a little baby shower for me this weekend. I’m excited to see some friends and to show them the nursery so far. I also am cashing in my pre-natal massage that Andy got me. After standing for way too long at an event on Tuesday my legs are aching and I can’t wait. Is it weird that I’m mostly looking forward to being able to lie on my stomach for a long period of time?


  1. Aww you look great! So glad the bedding came in and can't wait to see what you picked!

  2. Looking forward to hearing your precious baby girl's name soon! :) How exciting that your crib rail cover and curtains arrived! I'm sure it's all coming together beautifully. I hope your shower was a sweet time with family and friends over the weekend. Did you love your prenatal massage? My mother in law gifted me one for my birthday towards the end of my last pregnancy. It was glorious being able to lay so comfortably on my stomach during that stage of pregnancy!!


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