Thursday, April 2, 2015

Surprise Baby Shower

On Saturday morning Andy got up to let Camden outside, however while he usually would come back to bed for a little bit he stayed up and did the oddest thing. He cleaned! Like the whole house, by himself. Now, Andy is great at helping clean, but I've never seen him do the whole house, by himself, without any poking or prodding from me. Is this a new Saturday tradition of his? I'm game.

Anyway, I woke up, ate some breakfast, and before I jumped in the shower Andy suggested we take Camden to Soda City and walk around for a bit after I was finished. This is a very normal Saturday morning thing for us so I didn't think a thing about it. So we strolled for an hour and then headed home.

As we were unloading Camden from the car Andy smirked and said he had a surprise for me in the den. Umm...okay.... So I walked in our quiet house and as I rounded the corner, SURPRISE! A bunch of our college friends, who are now like family, had broken into the house, with Andy's help, and set up a baby shower for us while we were out. I just couldn't believe it. Andy had been in on it the whole time. And that's why he cleaned the house, he knew his psycho wife's first thought would be "omg everyone has been in my house for an hour and I haven't cleaned the bathrooms." But they were clean and I love him for it.

The girls really outdid themselves thinking of every little detail. From the food and desserts, to the drink bottles and paper straws, everything was so cute. We had so much fun eating and opening presents and just catching up with some of our favorite people.

They were so generous with gifts. Baby Girl is so loved and we are so blessed to have such great friends.

 Baby Girl's second Lilly dress. She officially has a better wardrobe than I do.
 Abby checking out that Lilly dress.

 I don't know why I have such a weird face when I hold up something cute. I'll work on that.

 Never been more excited about a trashcan in my life.
She will be a Carolina Girl through and through.

I'm generally not a fan of surprises, but this was great. I loved seeing all our friends and the ladies really did think of everything. They even cleaned up afterward, which was beyond nice. This group was made up of Andy's college roommates and their better halves so I was nervous the guys would get bored, but I think everyone had a great time. There are already a couple kids in the group and we had fun passing them around and hearing all the golden parenting tips. We truly feel so loved.


  1. freaking adorable. that cake is gorgeous and i love all the little touches! looks like you got lots of nice goodies!

  2. Oh my goosness! What a sweet surprise! I love that he was thoughtful enough to clean up before hand! Smart man...

  3. Everything is so cute! So much to love but my favorites are that it was a surprise and your sweet hubby was in on it and the monogram cookies. Okay, also the cake and the punch because I'm totally wanting to make some punch now!

  4. Your hubby and friends/chosen family thought of everything!! I adore every last detail!! I'm so happy for you, Sarah! This is such a special season of life and you're clearly surrounded by so much love!! :)


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