Thursday, April 16, 2015

30 Weeks

How Far Along? 30 weeks, 1 day! Can I just say that 30 weeks pregnant seems unreal to me. I remember feeling sooo pregnant at 15 weeks and now I look back at that week’s update and think “you've got nothing going on yet”. So funny. But to say you have 10 weeks or less left is no joke. It’s crunch time people. We’re having a baby!

Size of Baby:
Butternut squash (17in, 3.1 lbs.) I really would love a personal estimate of her size but it doesn’t look like they are going to do another ultrasound unless something is wrong.

:  Sweet baby girl. I’ve got a name reveal post coming very soon. ;)

Maternity Clothes:
I’ve had some fairy godmothers taking care of my wardrobe this week, aka my mom and mother-in-law. My in-laws came to town and brought me two maternity dresses, which are amazing and will definitely come in handy for church, for which I have NOTHING to wear anymore. Then I was talking to my mom and she said she just picked up a couple shirts for me. Yay for not having to do it myself! I’ve been way more interested in looking at baby clothes lately, but I’m trying not to purchase things since there is no telling what size baby will be or how quickly she will grow.

Nothing new to report, but I am itching to get it done.

Oh yes. It’s been a little tricky for anyone else to catch her moving, but when she does move it’s with a little force now. She is still swimming around and I feel her all over, however the doctor yesterday said she agreed that we are pretty sure baby is head down.

This week brought the wonderful symptom of swelling. I think the high heat temperatures (it hit 90 in SC last week) are what triggered it. I got home after having dinner with some friends, where we sat outside and on barstools (BAD IDEA), to find my ankles and toes super puffy. I’ve been sitting with my feet up pretty much every night since and I’m looking into compression socks. Anyone have any other suggestions on how to prevent/fight the swelling?

Still sleeping pretty well. I’ve had a couple nights where I’ve had to tinkle once in the night, but other than that sleep is great.

After I had Rita’s Italian Ice last week I’ve been craving it. I’ve put it off so far, but I’m not sure how long that will last. I made puppy dog eyes at Andy all last night about going until we figured out the store was already closed. That didn’t stop me from wanting it though.

What I Miss:
 This is such a nitpicky thing to miss, but I miss quick bathroom breaks. Between the full panel pants, the tank top that I wear under everything now, and the *um, cough, um* limited visibility it definitely takes a bit longer per visit.

Best Moment This Week:
Andy and I had a great day trip to Greenville this weekend. We had lunch with friends and celebrate another friend’s baby shower. It was great to see all my girlfriends and fun to have some alone time just Andy and I before baby comes.  We also took an Infant CPR class last night and it was really informative. While Andy has been CPR certified before, I’ve never had official training. Lots of great tips and I totally recommend if your hospital offers a CPR class to take it. 

Looking Forward To:
Not sure I’m actually “looking forward” to this, but we are taking our second baby class at the hospital this weekend, “Preparation for Birth”. It sounds a little intimidating and overwhelming, however I’m trying to be as prepared as possible, for an event I know you really can’t prepare for. Wish us luck!


  1. I love going shopping, but sometimes it's pretty great when someone else does the shopping for you. Yay for your wardrobe fairy godmothers! I hope that you don't see too many more 90+ days in SC the next 10 weeks!

  2. Girlfriend, you are a darling pregnant lady! 30 weeks is huge – definitely in the home stretch now! Can’t wait to hear the name of your sweet little lady! Glad you’re sleeping well!

  3. Yay, I love that we share some of the same favorites from the Lilly collection!! I am sooo excited for Sunday. You are looking so cute, and I cannot wait for that name reveal post :)

  4. You are glowing, sweet friend! Hooray for hitting the 30 week mark!! So glad you enjoyed celebrating with friends! What a beautiful group photo. :)


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