Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday. I need a weekend of doing nothing, and putting my feet up. Here are a couple of highlights from this week.

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Tuesday was Andy and I's 3rd wedding anniversary. We had a late steak dinner at home and we both followed the gift list for 3rd anniversary which is leather. I got Andy a new wallet and belt and felt really proud of myself until I opened my gift which was an amazing Kate Spade purse! Umm, can I just tell you I have NEVER owned a designer bag. Andy hit this one out of the park. Good grief I got myself a winner of a husband.
Sorry for the phone picture. Just take my word for it, the purse is gorgeous!

My sweet coworkers threw me a baby shower for the office yesterday. They did such a great job and I can't wait to share the details with you.

This was a super busy week of events for us, which means my feet are very angry with me today. But it's all good when I can get a photo with this guy.

Andy and I make tacos probably once a week and usually we end up with a little bit of filling and no taco shells left. I used this recipe from Plain Chicken to use up the filling and it was so good. Great way to re-purpose leftovers so they don't feel like leftovers.

As you can probably tell from above I'm from South Carolina and we are the home of Hootie and the Blowfish. Last night Hootie played their 1994 hit "Hold My Hand" on David Letterman and it was so good. Are there any other diehard Hootie fans out there like me?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you've had a great week... other than that unfortunate encounter with the thing in the South Carolina jersey ;) Happy Friday!

  2. Andy certainly did knock it out of the park!! That is such a gorgeous bag! I love that you both followed the traditional theme too. How wonderful that your co-workers threw you a shower this week!! I'm so happy that your dear loved ones, friends, and co-workers have all been showering you with love and gifts in preparation of Anna Grace's arrival!! (So fun to call her by name now! ;)) Thanks for linking the recipe you enjoyed this week. I love repurposing leftovers too and will definitely check that out. ;) Ok, I will be singing "Hold My Hand" all weekend now! lol :) Love Hootie and the Blowfish too!! Thanks for sharing the video - so fun!! Have a fantastic first weekend of May, sweet friend! xo


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