Wednesday, May 13, 2015

34 Weeks

How Far Along? 34 Weeks

Size of Baby:
Pineapple (20 in, 4.9 lbs)

:  Baby Girl

Maternity Clothes:
I did try on a bunch of nursing bras and tank tops in Target yesterday. It felt so weird knowing I would need those things in a couple weeks. Recommendations welcome….

And just for fun, look at the difference between 10 weeks and 34 weeks makes in the same shirt. 
10 Weeks Along

34 Weeks Along

Andy and I spent the weekend nesting and getting the nursery ready, which was a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day. We made a huge trip to Target to get the crib mattress, sheets, and some floating shelves. Andy set up the monitor, Diaper Genie, etc. And I took all the tags off the tiny little clothes and got them ready for washing. I loved getting this room ready and can’t wait to share it with you once we get some stuff on the walls.

All the time. Her movements aren’t as sporadic, now they are more stretches and bumps. She still loves to push an appendage straight up the front of my ribcage which is an odd feeling. I’m really feeling her all over now, which makes me think she is definitely growing and running out of room.

Oh my poor feet and hands. They are swelling at all times of the day now. Thank goodness it’s warm outside so I can get away with wearing sandals, because there is no way I would get real shoes on. When I run home at lunch and as soon as I get home after work I lay on the floor and prop my feet up on the couch. This helps until I standup, then the swelling comes back instantly. Still not going to complain too much, this is a super normal symptom. However if anyone has any tricks I’m all ears.

Still thanking my lucky stars that I’m sleeping through the night. I wake up a bit when I turn over, I never did get the hang of staying on one side, but nothing bad. Oddly enough still sleeping with only one pillow too. Everyone I know either has a body pillow or sleeps with 12 regular pillows. I think I move around too much for that.

Nothing in particular, I’m just hungry all the time. I’m trying to get as much protein as I can to make me full, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect. My What to Expect books says most women graze all day by this point, but I don’t want to get into that habit if possible.

What I Miss:
Ummm…my feet not swelling and I miss my wedding rings.  

Best Moment This Week:
Nesting in the nursery was wonderful. Andy and I sat on the floor and did projects, while Camden wandered in and out. There was lots of love in the room and I think we are both feeling better knowing that if Baby came tomorrow, which we don’t want yet, we would be ready for her. 

Looking Forward To:
We should get our stroller and changing pad this week, which will finish off our last big to-do list things. It’ll feel so good when everything done.

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  1. My baby girl is also very consistent with her moves - less randomness and more stretching. Although - I will say, she has some good reflexes because sometimes she'll "jump" in my womb if I make a loud noise, or something!


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