Thursday, May 7, 2015

33 Weeks

How Far Along? 33 Weeks, 1 Day I just can’t believe how far we have come. The time really does go by really fast.

Size of Baby:
Honeydew Melon (19 in. 4.5lbs)

:  Little Miss Anna Grace!

Maternity Clothes:
I can’t tell you how much I’m loving maxi dresses right now. I throw a cardigan over them to make them office appropriate and they are a great alternative to pants. Let’s face it, shaving is a pain in general and shaving while pregnant is a lot of work. Maxi dress = problem solved. Plus they are pretty and feminine.

The nursery is a wreck at the moment with gifts everywhere. I had my last shower last week so I’m now in organizing mode. I’ve gone through all baby girl’s clothes and have made all the returns that need to be made. Now it’s on to buy the essentials and putting the room together.

Oh yes, so much so that people could see her move during a meeting this morning. Nothing really hurts yet, but sometimes the take me by surprise and I jump. I have a tendency to push back on her with my hand when she gets too forceful.

My energy levels are decreasing noticeably. This weekend I had two errands to run and was so tired after the first one that I had to take a break. I feel so pitiful, but I guess it’s just my body telling me to slow down. Also throw in the, now, usual swollen hands and feet. I had my TDAP shot on Thursday and my arm was pretty sore for a couple days, but really not a big deal.
I’ve also been a little forgetful lately. I haven’t been forgetting major things or anything, I’ll just be telling a story and right in the middle of it I’ll forget the whole reason I was talking. It’ll usually comes back to me within an hour. Funnily my What to Expect app mentioned this morning it’s scientifically proven that women who are having girls are more forgetful. Weird, but interesting.

Still a light sleeper and waking up when I turn over, but I’m sleeping and I refuse to complain since I know a lot of people who aren’t at this stage.

Anything but water. Water is my choice of beverage usually, but lately I want everything from juice, to tea, to soda. I try to only indulge in something other than water once a day to keep the sugar intake down.

What I Miss:
We have shortened Camden’s walks around the neighborhood, half because it’s so warm, but half because my swollen ankles will only take me so far. I love our family walks, we pretty much always go together, so I’m sad that they are shorter because of me. But I can’t wait to add Anna Grace to the mix and walk around as a family of four!

Best Moment This Week:
I loved my work baby shower, the ladies from my office were so sweet and generous.

Looking Forward To:
My first, almost, Mother’s Day!


  1. So exciting! You're getting SO close! Glad the baby shower was a great time!

  2. YES to all maxi dresses. It's the ONLY thing I wear these days haha


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