Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Has Anyone Ever Tried....? (Part 3)

Self Tanner?

My background is German and Scandinavian. To say the very least I am pasty white all year round. I don't tan, I burn and then immediately change back to white.

So my only real option is sunless tanner. I'm a fan of spray tans from the salon but they are pricey and you have to plan your week around when to get them. I love the flexibility of at home self tanners. I've tried a million but they all either look fake/orange, are super streaky, or smell awful.

I think I'm ready to spend a little more for a product if the quality is good. Has anyone tried any of these?




What is your favorite sunless tanner?


  1. Let me know what you find out. I'm super white/pasty as well. I was at the gym this morning telling myself I need color before I can wear any dress or shorts. Jergens has been what I've used but gosh, it's orange.

  2. I always use Kate Somerville tanning wipes. I have more neutral undertones, and I tan very easily, but my mom is naturally paler than I am with reddish undertones and these don't make her turn orange at all. I also like that the color is buildable and the smell isn't bad. I really want to try the Tarte and St. Tropez tanning lotions though!


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