Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blogger Help!!!!!!!

Ok so I need your blogger expertise.

I love getting comments but I can't figure out the best way to respond back to them.

The only place I see an option to reply is when I bring up my own blog and open the comments, then hit reply under each comment from a blogger. The problem is this response shows up for everyone to see and I don't know if the response is emailed to the original commenter, or if they ever see it.

I tried to find a way to respond through this other pages but came up with nothing.

I love getting email responses back from when I make comments on other people's blogs. Thankfully Annie at Classic Annie wrote a great post about how to edit your profile so people can respond to your comments.

But I need it from the blogger side, not the commenter side. Does that make any sense? Am I having a complete blonde moment?

****P.S. I don't get email notifications when people leave comments on my page, how do I start getting them?******

Basically, how do I reply to comments on my own blog so that the person who left the comment actually sees that I responded?


  1. Respond to the email. The problem is, if the commentor has their 'no reply commentor on', then it won't work. BTW - your example comment is a friend/sorority sister of mine from college. She actually got me started blogging :)

  2. I think you should reply to the e-mail. Some people choose to respond on their own blog, but I've always preferred to respond through the e-mail notification I get. I feel like this helps me to get to know my readers a little easier!

  3. Email responses are my personal preference!! And they are good for conversation too! :)


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