Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday

It's Friday! Make sure to linkup with Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina.

I met a friend for lunch this week at The Spotted Salamander Cafe. I just have to tell you about this salad I had. I got the Spotted Salad, with mixed greens, Sweet Tea Vodka Chicken BBQ, bacon, cheese, cornbread croutons, and the best buttermilk ranch you've ever had. It was amazing! Oh and they have cronuts and homemade oatmeal cream pies. Mind blowing! If you find yourself in Columbia, SC for lunch this is a must stop.

I am slightly ashamed at how addicted I am to the show Southern Charm. I honestly don't love that this is the image we are sending out of South Carolinians, but as Cameron would say "they are all on the hot mess express" and who doesn't love watching that?

I made one of my favorite recipes this week: Caprese Lasagna with Sausage. I found this recipe a couple years ago and I make it a couple times a year once the tomato and basil crop start to come in. It's light, but filling at the same time and the flavor meter is over the top. This is also one of the few dinners where we fight over the leftovers.

I am officially over fall and winter nail colors. Bring on the bright, fun, and flirty. 

My puppy dog turned 2 years old yesterday. We celebrated with a new dog bed and a pupcream, his favorite. I never had a dog growing up so Camden is my first and I can't believe how attached I am to him. I hate it when we are in the house and he is at the boarder/groomer. Life is too quiet. We just love him to pieces. Happy Birthday Pup!


  1. Happy Birthday to Camden! Loving all of these sweet snapshots of your family <3 I'm so with you in being over the fall/winter polishes, and moving on into the sweet spring shades! You shared some beautiful ones here! I just got Essie's blossom dandy and perennial chic, both are so pretty! Have a lovely weekend, Sarah! xo

  2. I've never heard of the Spotted Salamander Cafe but I think I'm going to have to try that place out soon! Sounds so good! Happy Friday :)

  3. Happy birthday to the pupper! And that salad - oh my delish! And yes to bringing on the fun spring/summer nail colors :)

    Happy Friday!

  4. The Spotted Salamander Café looks just delicious! I love Southern Charm – especially Cameron and I love when she says that haha! So ready for all the brights! Happy Birthday to your pup; we love giving ours those ice cream treats!

  5. Cameron seriously cracks me up. She's my favorite on Southern Charm! She is just so witty and honest! Also, I am kinda rooting for Kathryn and Thomas to work out, although I know a lot of people done care for Kathryn!

  6. What a cute pooch! I didn't grow up with a dog either! Buddy is my first!! I'm obsessed and will be devastated when he goes. He's 10 now :(

  7. Aww, yay - happy 2 years to your sweet pup!! :) :) And I am soo with you - bright spring nails, please!


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