Wednesday, March 11, 2015

25 Weeks

How Far Along? 25 Weeks

Size of Baby:
Turnip (9 in., 1.7lbs)

:  Little girl

Maternity Clothes:
My wardrobe is definitely becoming limited. I’m still in non-maternity shirts and dresses, but I can only do yoga pants or maternity pants. I’ve got a wedding in Pittsburgh next weekend and I’m still trying to figure out what to wear. It looks like they will have snow during the week so long sleeves are a must.

My mom and I met with the bedding designer on Friday and found nothing we liked. Boo! I thought what I wanted was so simple, but apparently it doesn’t exist. I’ve been searching on Etsy and I think I found someone who can make my dreams a reality. Fingers crossed!

Oh yes, and I love it. It still surprises me to feel her throughout the day since she really only moved in early morning or late at night. She still seems to like Daddy’s hands best. Even if she wasn’t kicking before, when Andy puts his hands on my belly baby girl goes wild. We both were able to see my belly jump when she was in a particularly strong mood recently as well.

I had a really bad case of pregnancy brain the other day. Before I share, I know this was dangerous and really bad, I’ve never done it before and will never do it again. Understand? Great! I went to fill up my car with gas the other day and halfway through filling my car I realized that while I had my debt card in my hand I didn’t have my keys. I always hold my card and my keys in the same hand while I stand at the pump. As I’m looking around on the ground for them I realize my car is still running. I quickly turned it off and finished what I was doing. I was horrified! From now on I’ll be double checking that I don’t do this again.

I could not get to sleep Monday, which was super frustrating. I think Daylight Saving Time really threw me off this year. Thankfully I was back to a deep, easy sleep last night.

After a long five day wait (over the weekend) I finally got the call that I passed my glucose test! I was honestly shocked. Everyone I know, including my mom, had to take a three hour version. The nurse actually laughed at me and told me to go eat some cake. So I celebrated with an ice cream cone and rainbow sprinkles, because that’s the grown up way to party. ;)

What I Miss:
With the weather being so nice right now I would love a fruity cocktail or a summer beer, but I’m reassured that I will have plenty of chances to partake of all sorts of summery drinks after June. For some reason it really makes me feel better that I won’t miss out on the whole summer.

Best Moment This Week:
I was chatting with a sales lady this week and mentioned that I was excited to be a mom. She looked at me kind of funny, so I turned sideways to show her my bump. She smiled and said she wouldn’t have had any idea I was pregnant if I hadn’t pointed it out. When you feel huge, comparatively of course, this was music to my ears. I wanted to hug her and she made my whole week.

Looking Forward To:
We get to see a bunch of our friends this weekend for a baseball game, fingers crossed it doesn’t get rained out. These are friends that are more like family and I can’t wait to show off the bump and the nursery.


  1. I missed out on cocktails too, but then i learned to embrace ODouls!! When are you due again??

  2. Hope the etsy shop you found is able to make your baby bedding dreams become a reality!! Happy for you that all went well with the glucose test! Love your choice of celebratory treat with sprinkles on top ;) Enjoy your time with friends this weekend!!

  3. I love ice cream with rainbow sprinkles - my favorite by far! However, if you want your mind blown - go to Chick-Fil-A and get a Frosted Lemonade (Ice Dream and Lemonade) its like Lemon Meringue pie in a cup. To. Die. For.


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