Wednesday, March 18, 2015

26 Weeks

How Far Along? 26 Weeks! (It’s weird to think I started these updates at 6 weeks and that was 20 weeks ago. Time really does fly!)

Size of Baby:
Eggplant (9.2 in, 2lbs!!!!)

:  We are still pink hairbows and monograms over here

Maternity Clothes:
Still rocking the maternity pants and can get into most of my pre-pregnancy shirts. I went maxi dress shopping this week and found that anything with an elastic waist is no good. If you put it above your belly than there is too much fabric on top and no one wants to see the waistband cutting across the belly. However the dresses with no defined waist are awesome!

I got a couple fabric swatches for the bedding in the mail and I’m still waiting on a few more before I make my final decision. Who knew this would be so hard?!?!

Oh yes! I’m getting used to feeling her move throughout the day. It’s such a reassuring feeling.

I’ve been a little more uncomfortable this week than usual. Nothing major, I just can’t get comfortable. I like to curl up when I sit on the couch and little girl isn’t having it. I end up having to sit up really straight and that’s just no fun. I also think baby is growing because my under belly has been a little achy this week. Again, I really can’t complain.

Still getting lots of sleep, however I wake up more when I try to turn over. In the mornings my belly feels like it’s pulling toward the mattress so I might need to put a pillow under just my belly.

Nothing specific, but I’m loving food in general. I feel like I’m eating constantly. I’ve tried to be good and fill the house with fruit to snack on, but let’s face it, that doesn’t always happen.

What I Miss:
 Nothing really. A really wanted a cold turkey sub this week, but Firehouse was a good substitute.

Best Moment This Week:
It was great to see a bunch of friends this weekend. We really haven’t seen each other since I’ve “popped” so they loved seeing the belly and talking about all things baby. I love having experienced moms on hand.

Looking Forward To:
We are headed to Pittsburgh this weekend to see one of my sorority sisters get married. I can’t wait to see her and all my other college friends. I haven’t seen them since we announced the pregnancy, so it’ll be fun to see their faces when they see the bump for the first time.


  1. You look fabulous! Can't wait to see what you choose for the bedding! I must be boring for just going with straight Pottery Barn Kids ha!

  2. I think it's awesome that you're doing it custom. That's what we did with Shelby. I tried not to pick anything too baby either so it can transition into a little girl's room. YOu're look awesome, BTW. :)


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