Wednesday, March 25, 2015

27 Weeks - Hello Third Trimester

How Far Along? 27 weeks - Hello Third Trimester!

Size of Baby:
Cucumber (15 in, 2.2libs)

:  Sugar and Spice = Little Girl!

Maternity Clothes:
I’m so happy that I’m still only in maternity pants, although I have a feeling that this will come to an end pretty soon. Baby girl is growing and so is mama. 

I am happy to say we have finally figured out the bedding. I have someone on Etsy making the rail cover and then I’m going with a simple white or navy bed sheet and skirt. We are also ordering curtains from a different store with the hopes that the colors match as well as the swatches did. I never would have expected this process would be so difficult.

Little sneak peak of the accent fabric.

Tons! She is way more active during the day which is fun and I think she was stretching last night because I felt her kick and punch in two different places in my belly. I love it!

This is kind of weird, but my belly button has been a little sore and sensitive. It’s pretty shallow at the moment so I’m not surprised; it’s just an odd feeling. Also, I’m sad to say, my wedding rings have become awfully tight lately. It doesn’t help that I have a triple band. I’ve gone without the third band a couple times this week and will try just my wedding band before I start looking for a stand-in ring. I know it’s silly, but I freak out when I don’t have a ring on that finger.

I’m still pretty exhausted from my trip to Pittsburgh. (I stayed up until 1:00am so I wouldn’t miss anything. I’m a child, I know.) Thankfully I’ve been sleeping great since we got back, but its torture getting up in the morning. I feel like I could sleep in all day.

With the weather getting warmer I’m definitely craving fresh fruit and veggies. Last night for my monthly girl’s nights I made bruschetta and it was so good. Like, I ate the tomato mixture right out of the bowl and I don’t even like tomatoes.

What I Miss:
 I would have loved to have a couple drinks at the wedding this past weekend, but since I wasn’t the only pregnant lady there it wasn’t too bad. Other than that, I’m not missing much.

Best Moment This Week:
Best moment was definitely seeing all my sorority sisters from college and them loving on the belly. Each one of them said hi to the baby bump before saying hello to me, which I thought was so cute. Baby girl got lots of fun presents from my best friend from college, many of which were hand made. (Hi Aunt Danielle!!! ;)

Looking Forward To:
I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home to fully recover from the trip and maybe getting a chance to see some friends for a college buddy’s birthday on Sunday.


  1. You look fabulous! If my ring stops fitting, I'll be going to Wal-Mart and buying a 5 karat CZ!!!

  2. Oh hey 3rd trimester! Glad to see that everything is still going well with you + baby! :)

  3. You look great! Glad to hear you're still feeling good, and it sounds like you now do like tomatoes! I'm usually a silent lurker enjoying your blog, but since you mentioned the rail cover and it sounds like it's an integral part of the bedding design, I feel obliged to point out, just in case you don't know, that they aren't recommended for infants because of SIDS.

    1. Hi Plumberry! Thanks for stopping by. Just to clear it up, I'm getting a rail cover, not a bumper pad. The rail cover goes at the top of the crib rail and not on the sides. That was actually one of my biggest concerns and it was difficult to find a company that would make the cover instead of the bummer. Thanks for looking out!

  4. YAY for 3rd trimester! I love the nursery colors. I'm glad all is well!

  5. Eeek! Third trimester, your getting so close! I can't wait for your little girl to make her arrival! Getting to see my sorority sisters again is always a highlight for me!

  6. So excited for you that the search for the perfect bedding is over!! :) Loving the sneak peek of the accent fabric! I'm sure your baby girl's nursery will come out looking fabulous with these sweet finishing touches!! :)


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