Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday

It's Friday and that means I'm on the road with one of my sorority sisters and our husbands. We are on our way to Pittsburgh to watch a friend marry to perfect guy for her. I love weddings and I love seeing all my girlfriends from college. It's sure to be a great weekend. Let's start it off with Five on Friday with Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina.

I haven't had the chance to go yet, but I really want to see the new Cinderella movie. I usually don't like recreations, but this one looks so well done and magical. Anyone else seen it or going to?


At 5 foot even I rarely wear flats. However, with the anticipation of not being able to walk in heels too much longer I took advantage of the sale Marley Lilly was having on their Monogrammed Ballet Flats. I got them in black, so they will go with everything and I know they will come in handy when flip flops just won't do.

It's our dog Camden's birthday next week and I'm gathering a few goodies together for him. I can't believe he will be two! People look at us like we are crazy when we call him a puppy, but honestly he really is still in his puppy stage and will be for another year. I know I'm bias, but really, look at that face....


I love pasta and will eat it almost anyway you make it, so I was intrigued but this Roast Red Pepper Alfredo recipe. We tried it on Wednesday and really liked it. We paired it with chicken and a salad. It was a fun spin and the usually marinara sauce. 


Wish us luck in Pittsburgh: land of the bridges, Heinz ketchup, perogies, and my husband's arch nemesis the Pittsburgh Steelers.



  1. Have fun this weekend! And I agree, they're always puppies!

  2. We saw Cinderella last weekend and absolutely LOVED it!! Those monogrammed flats are super cute! Camden is such a beautiful puppy :) Have fun celebrating him next week! Happy first day of spring, Sarah! xo

  3. My dog is 13 and she is still considered a puppy, old as she is! Her behavior sometimes is puppy like. Got to love them! Linking up from Five on Friday

  4. Monogrammed flats! OMG I totally need those :) I am about 29 weeks and haven't attempted to wear heels in quite a while... so yay for cute flats!


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