Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yay for WED-nesday!

Okay so this is easily my favorite day of the week to blog. As you can see from the past blog entries this is the only consistent day I’ve been blogging. I think no matter who the girl is, if they are planning a wedding that becomes your go to topic.

I think the first thing most people ask me is “What are your colors”? I think this is funny. I guess I always figured people would ask about the where before the details, but whatever. It actually makes me a little nervous to come out and say what my colors are because they have changed so much in years past. So I will precede the following announcement with a warning that they may change and as a woman I reserve the right to change my mind any darn time I want to! That being said I’m OBSESSED with cobalt and white at the moment. See what you think:

I am writing this down because later on in life when I don’t stare at my ring 24/7 I want to remember these events. I’m sure many girls get tons of compliments on their engagement rings. I mean come on, what’s there not to like? Jewelry, good! Romance, great! Shiny sparkly gem, fabulous! But I literally have strangers asking to get a better look at my ring. First it happened in Charlotte. I was sitting by myself, don’t make fun, at a Charlotte Bobcats game and a woman and her friend needed to get passed me in the aisle. I slid my legs over and she stops while I’m in this crazy position and goes “OMG I love your ring”. Now granted I had had the ring for like three weeks at this point so it was still new and arena lights make it sparkle like crazy. Then last weekend I went to a baseball game (Gamecocks won!) and the random lady sitting next to me leaned over and told me how much she loved my ring. How sweet! I adore my ring but it’s always nice to hear that other people seem to like it too.

Ok, one last wedding thing. My favorite Charleston wedding blog has expanded to Charlotte! They feature absolutely stunning weddings all around town. I have serious wedding envy!

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