Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I had THE MOMENT!!!!

That’s right, I had THE moment and found my wedding dress!

I was so frustrated and confused after my first day of dress shopping. There wasn’t one dress that I didn’t want to change something about and nothing seemed like ‘me’. I wanted that moment where the bride just knows it’s the perfect dress that they show during the Say Yes to the Dress show. Both sales girls kept telling me that not everyone has the emotional moment where they burst into tears and just know it’s their dress. I’ve known girls who just went “Yep this is my dress” and that was it. But let’s face it, I’m a sentimental soul. I wanted that moment, plus I wanted the knowledge that no matter what dress I might see I knew the dress I picked was the one for me. Why couldn’t I find it? (I realize that this was a little intense and dramatic considering I had spent all of one day trying on dresses but whatever it was frustrating.)

I had a friend suggest I try a bridal shop in Greenville, SC. I was going up for a wedding shower for my fabulous friend Whit (YAY!) anyway so I made an appointment for earlier that day. Mom and I drove in the pouring rain to Greenville. It’s hard to feel like you are going to find your perfect dress when you feel like a drown animal but my consultant was really nice and listened to what I had pictured for myself and made us feel comfortable and special. I tried on two beautiful gowns but still wanted to change tons of stuff about each one. Oh no, not again. Then I slipped on the third dress and I knew it was the one as soon as I looked in the mirror. (And so did my Mom, which really sealed the deal.) I loved everything about it, even the details I wasn’t sure about and I didn’t want to take the dress off. I tried on one other dress just to make sure and only had it on for about 30 seconds. I didn’t want to try on anything else. I had found my dress!

So now I have to figure out how to wait a year before showing everyone my dress. It’s going to be tough. The sweet lady at the store actually told me that I could come up to the store and ‘visit’ the dress anytime while waiting the FIVE months before mine comes in. So if anyone wants to take trips to Greenville with me let me know. I have a feeling that nice lady will regret the offer. I didn't try on anywhere close to 100 dresses but I understand where this girl is coming from.

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