Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Again!

I don’t understand how the days during the week go so slowly and then the weekend goes by in a flash. I mean it didn’t help that we actually lost an hour on Sunday. Everyone loves day-light saving time when we get to fall back but man it messes me up when we have to ‘spring’ forward. I honestly sometimes feel cheated out of that hour, specifically in the morning when my alarm goes off at what feels like an hour earlier.

Okay enough complaining and now some gushing over how much I love Charlotte, NC. Of course I didn’t take a single picture of my own so you will have to bear with me with ‘borrowed, with credit’ pictures. Ace and I tried some of Charlotte’s staple restaurants this weekend. First came Big Daddy’s Burger Bar and it was AMAZING! Think Red Robin but local and better. I know, it’s hard to believe but everything from the burgers (I had a Chicken Burger Club, Ace had a Western Burger which was actually buffalo), to the sides (nothing is better than sweet potato fries and tater tots), to the shakes and cool random stuff on the walls were great and I’m kind of wishing I could go back today. Second was Mac’s Speed Stop BBQ. It is an honest to goodness biker bar with great pulled pork and generous portions. They had a couple different sauces, which I really appreciate since which kind of sauce you like all depends on where you are from. I’m from South Carolina so I like sweet or mustard base sauces. Ace liked them all. We give both places two thumbs up and would suggest that you put them on your list of places to eat the next time you are in Charlotte. Also to work off a smidgen of what we ate we wondered around Greenville Park which was really pretty and has lots of curvy paths to get lost on.
On a completely different note here is what I'm reading right now.
- My Life in France by: Julia Child. For anyone who has seen the movie Julie and Julia this is the book in which all the parts about Julia’s life was taken from. It’s interesting to see how an American icon came to be. Mrs. Child never had dreams of being famous really, she learned to cook as a form of entertainment while living in France and that is what this book is about. - Here Comes the Bride by: Whitney Lyles. Again I have an excuse to read wedding themed books. How else am I going to prepare myself for all the crazy things that could, but hopefully won’t, happen?- Cooking for Mr. Right by: Susan Volland. I just started this one but it seems really cute. It’s light hearted and easy to read. I’ll keep you updated on what I think as I get a little further along.

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  1. Sounds like John and I need to schedule a Charlotte date soon before you and A get to everything... ;) And I may have to borrow the Julia Child book from you - her story is fascinating and I just love her!


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