Monday, March 21, 2011

Forecast for Columbia - Purple Rain

I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t posted anything for a whole week. But it’s not my fault! Things have been crazy and I’ve really haven’t had time to do anything extracurricular this week. I think everyone is super busy at the moment so I’m not even going to try to compare. I have been collecting some cool random stuff I’d like to share so here we go.

First and foremost, Prince will be here tonight. I’ve heard that no matter if you are a Prince fan or not he puts on one of the best concerts you will ever see so I’m totally excited to see it. Bring on the Purple Rain because Columbia is pumped!
If you have ever been to Columbia, SC for St. Patrick’s Day you know the craziness that happens down in 5 Points. It’s a mass of drinking, food, and music which equals a college student’s heaven. Well this year I got to experience a totally different part of the day, the parade! The office had a float and needed an extra hand so I walked down Devine Street with the best of them and handed out strands of beads which people seem to love at any age. The coolest parts were the huge balloons we had made to promote our upcoming Cirque du Soleil show. They were awesome!I’ve found my new favorite show – America’s Next Great Restaurant. A bunch of real people with new fast food concepts battle it out for investors to back this ideas and put them on the map. I’ve only seen the first episode but it looks pretty good and it is all about the American Dream.I’m not going to say much about March Madness simply because my bracket is going down the drain at top speed and I’m not happy about it. However I did pass this awesome drink display in the grocery store and thought I’d share. It’s made out of Sunkist, Coca-Cola, and Coke Zero. Impressive! My last, and totally random, discovery is the new Heinz ketchup packs. Have ya’ll seen these things? They are awesome. You can open them two different ways. If you want to spread it you open the top, if you want to dip something you open the packet from the bottom. As a preferred dipper I am a huge fan of having the choice. I know, random.


  1. This is an entirely exciting array of randomness. I love all topics... did not know about the new ketchup packets (Heinz, you marketing genius) and am crossing my fingers to go to the Prince show coming to Greenville very soon. Hooray for my first successful comment! (I have been trying. :)

  2. Whoo hoo! Prince? Crazy ketchup? Parades? What fun! And looks like I might actually have to go buy a TV to watch America's Next Great Restaurant... I've heard lots of fun things!

  3. C - No need for a TV, just watch it on like I do.


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