Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Shows

Generally speaking I don’t watch a lot of TV. Not because I don’t like it, but usually because I’m working during primetime/evenings. However through the wonderful-ness that is the internet I can become addicted to the shows that are out there just like everyone else. I’ve got my lineup and even though I usually watch them a couple days after they actually air I enjoy them immensely.

The Bachelor – Okay I figured I’d get my dirt pleasure out of the way first. I had no intention of watching this season, and ignored the first four or five episodes, but everyone around me was watching it and then discussing it, and this includes a bunch of guys. So I broke down and watched a bunch of them to see what the fuss was about. Of course now I’m totally into it. I’m rooting for Emily because who can resist a good southern girl?
Modern Family – I love this show. It’s hilarious and I like how they address so many different issues in a way that everyone can relate to. I have laughed so hard I’ve cried during this show. If you haven’t seen it yet go on right now and watch a couple episodes. It’s that good. Mr. Sunshine – I want to love this show for many reasons. First, because the whole show is about working in arenas and well that’s what I do, duh. I’ve talk to a bunch of coworkers and other people who work in the business and we all really want to love the show but we are having trouble just watching it from an entertainment perspective, we all critic it. For example, in the first episode they have the Circus there the day after an ice show. That would never happen because the shows appeal to the same patron demographic and the revenues would suffer. Plus an elephant would never be walking around loose in the arena. I guess this is what it feels like watching Grey’s Anatomy if you are a doctor or nurse. The second reason I want to love this show is because I’m a FRIENDS lover and I want Chandler Bing to do well. The show is having some trouble flowing but hopefully those are just growing pains. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for it. Glee – I can’t help it. This show is just so entertaining to me. The music, the dance numbers, the trivial high school problems, the fact that I want everything Emma Pillsbury wears, it’s all great. I realize you either seem to love the show or hate it but I love it. The Best Thing I Ever Ate – It’s a Food Network show where all the cooking personalities get together and say the best BLANK they ever had and where to get it. I keep finding that I want to keep a list of everything and try them myself. Unfortunately the only item that I’ve ever seen mentioned from South Carolina was by Elton Brown and his love of Cosmic Hotdogs at Jack's Cosmic Dog in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The next time I’m down that way I’ll definitely make a pit stop there.
P.S. Did some research and I’m totally wrong, there have been a couple South Carolina shout outs on the show. Duke's Bar B-Que in Orangeburg, SC as well as Hominy Grill, Magnolias, and FIG in Charleston, SC have all been mentioned.

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