Saturday, March 5, 2011

More of My Favorite Things

I’ve got a couple new favorites this month so here you go and I encourage you to try them too!

Place to Eat – I have had little bites of the Forest Acres well kept secret that is Happy Café but I’ve never had a full on lunch. I was over in the neighborhood around lunchtime today so I decide to stop by and order their famous Chicken Barbeque over Salad. Holy moly, it was SOOOO good! The BBQ was sweet and addictive, just like I like it. The salad came with a creamy dill dressing, and there are few spices I like better than dill. To top it off they added a generous helping of sunflower seeds that added a really nice salty, crunchy aspect to the dish. I was sad that they didn’t have any of their caramel cake because I’ve heard that is to die for too. Oh well, I obviously have to go back. Who wants to go with me?Book – I’ve heard so many people talk about reading The Help but I just hadn’t gotten to it yet. Well I picked it up this week and I can’t put it down. It’s about three different women making their way through the Civil Rights movement in Jackson, Mississippi. I’m really enjoying it and I would recommend it to everyone. I also heard they made a movie of the book and it will come out in August. Cool Gadget – I saw the Shark Garment Care Steamer in the store and I’m dying to hear if it works as well as it looks. I’m a compulsive ironer and I hate it when something is wrinkled, especially when I don’t have time to iron it out. If anyone has one of these let me know what you think?Product – Okay I’ve been using this for years but it’s awesome. If you have flimsy or brittle nails, or just need a fabulous clear or top coat this is your nail polish. I usually throw on two coats and I’m ready to go for at least a week and a half.
Well those are my thoughts for the moment.
Have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. Oooooh girl! You KNOW I'll try The Happy Cafe with you! Next lunch date? I may not be able to wait that long... the salad sounds freakin' phenomenal.

    Hahahha.. and I KNOW how you really feel about "The Help." ;)

    PS. I don't know how I skipped over it, but I TOTALLY, 100%, absolutely see you in a cobalt/white wedding. It's so simple, chic, but eye-catching and timeless (kind of like you! duh). Plus, you knock out the "something blue" right there.

    I say we try it out with our engagement shots. :D

    Have a good week!


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