Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday

Yay for the weekend! I'm happily linking up with these lovely ladies Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina.

Did anyone else watch the first episode of the Bachelor on Monday? I think Farmer Chris is so sweet and the producers really brought out the crazy train of girls for him to choose from. I realize they want to create drama, but seriously? Unless Chris has a weird streak we don’t know about almost none of the girls seem right for him in my opinion.

Raise your hand if you are excited about Lilly Pulitzer and Target joining up? Me too!!!! Not that I needed another reason to blow a ton of money at Target.

It’s freezing in South Carolina and I don’t like it. Even our pup, who has Swiss blood, wanted nothing but to snuggle up to us on the couch this morning to warm up. (That made it even more painful to get myself up and ready for work.) I have the usual SC natives view of cold weather, if it’s this cold, it should snow. Right?

Andy has to work most of Saturday so I’m going to try and be productive and pick up some paint samples for Baby Girl’s nursery. I definitely want a neutral, warm wall. I’ve got Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White (which is more beige than white) or Olympic Toasted Almond in mind. I’m totally open to suggestions is anyone has a great neutral paint.

I was walking through Target the other day, shocker I know, and saw that they had Special K on sale. I picked up the Vanilla Almond flavor and went about my business. I’ve gone through the entire box in two/three days. Is it me or is that stuff crazy good? 


  1. Great list!!!! They did bring out some crazy girls for Chris, huh?!!! CONGRATS on your baby GIRL, so exciting!! We must be close in due dates, I am also expecting (a girl, my second daughter!) in June. I am almost 20 weeks! :) Glad that I found ya!

  2. eek! I love everything about this post! First of all none of the girls are right for prince farming bc in reality he is supposed to be with me hahaha (juts don't tell my hubs) second of all- yay for Lilly at Target!!! Happy weekend girl!! xoxo

  3. ohhh that vanilla almond special k is the BEST! now i need to get some this weekend :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Love your list. Congrats on the baby girl. I couldn't agree more concerning the crazy girls that they brought out for Farmer Chris, and especially some of them that he kept. Bless his heart. Can't wait to see how Bachelor progresses this season.

  5. I haven't been keeping up on my blog reading... Congrats on your baby girl!! Enjoy paint shopping for her nursery!!


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