Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Productive Monday Night

I'm linking up with  Natalie and Annie for Thoughts for Thursday. Of course my post is about Monday nights so hopefully that's okay. ;)

I find it hard to do anything useful in the evenings after work, but it's especially hard on Monday nights usually. After not getting to sleep in that morning and then the first full day back at the office, I'm wiped out Monday nights. But on Mondays Andy has a basketball game and I decided to take that time to be productive. I weirdly don't like cleaning when other people are around. Insecure about my clean abilities maybe?

We are currently using what will be the nursery as a guest room. It's painted hunter green and is packed with furniture and junk. So I decided it was time to tackle the closet. I cleaned out luggage and gift wrap and so many random boxes of stuff it was incredible. Of course now we have an even bigger mess with the Goodwill pile and the "we have to wait until we move the furniture around" pile. Hopefully this is the beginning of nesting and I'll get through all the closets this week. Fingers crossed!

Just the beginning of the Goodwill pile.

While I was going through the closet I had a fantastic soup simmering on the stove. I made the Pioneer Woman's Corn and Cheese Chowder years ago and just remembered that I really liked it. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's super easy to prepare, makes the house smell amazing, and is surprisingly hearty. I may think about adding shredded chicken the next time, but honestly it's heavenly just as it is.

Are you super productive when you get home from work or not so much?


  1. i never get as much done from home as i do at work! I usually end up doing laundry or getting distracted by things I need to clean.

  2. That soup looks amazing! I love corn chowder, and I have been looking for a way to use up some corn, onion, and bacon in my fridge! And I"m also in the same baby boat...good luck!


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