Friday, January 16, 2015

17 Weeks

How Far Along? 17 weeks and one day

Size of Baby:
Turnip (What to Expect tracker says 5 in, 5 oz, but we found out last week she was at least 6 oz.)

:  Baby Girl!!!!

Maternity Clothes:
My mom and I went shopping for maternity bottoms last week and came home with two pairs of dress pants, a pair of corduroy pants, a pair of jeans, and a pair of leggings. I tried out a pair of the dress pants for work and they were SOOOOO comfortable. I may never go back to real pants.

I dropped the ball last weekend and didn’t pick up the paint samples so that’s on my list again this weekend. Along with our maternity clothes shopping my mom and I stopped by Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and the fabulous Baby Furniture Plus in Columbia, SC (which doesn’t sound special but quickly became my "baby happy place") to look at cribs.

Still nothing. Since the ultrasound tech said I basically have a pillow blocking all the little kicks I’ve convinced myself not to expect anything until around 20 weeks. However I would LOVE to feel something earlier.  

Just the usual, a little heartburn, a little nasal congestion, a few headaches, nothing to complain about. Since I've started the beginnings of a bump I've started with the belly lotion in the hopes to keep stretch marks at bay. I got stretch marks on my hips during my last growth spurt in high school, so I know I'm susceptible to them. Fingers crossed!

I’m still sleeping great and through the night. I can’t tell you what a blessing this is. However since the weather has been getting colder, it’s been extra hard to get out of bed. I feel like I could sleep all day. Clearly I’m still waiting on that elusive second trimester energy spurt.  

Plain Pringles. I mean really, who still eats Pringles? Well I do and would eat the whole can in one sitting if I let myself. I allow myself to have a small amount each day and then I have to put them away. And this seems to work 75% of the time ;)

What I Miss:
 This sounds a little weird, but I miss Andy offering to let me try his drink when we go out. I don’t care about ordering a beer or drink of my own, but I’m so used to Andy offering to let me try his and it almost hurts my feelings that he doesn’t do it anymore. Of course I know why he isn’t offering, it’s odd, I know. Hey, I didn’t say it was the most rational thought I’ve ever had.

Best Moment This Week:
A few days after we found out we were having a girl I stopped by a store and just had to purchase a couple little dress. I honestly couldn’t help myself. I shamefully told Andy about them when he got home from work. He laughed and said that he had also been out shopping that afternoon and happened to pick up some super sweet little girl clothes as well. I was shocked and so pleased. Our daughter clearly already has BOTH of us wrapped around her little finger.

Looking Forward To:
We’ve got some of our very dear friends coming to town this weekend, who also happen to be the parents of a beautiful almost one-year-old little girl. I have every intention of racking their brains on all things baby, especially the baby registry. Am I the only one who is super intimidated by baby registries? I loved creating our wedding registry, but the baby registry seems to stress me out.

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  1. Love the update and I think its adorable that Andy picked up dresses for her! I registered at buy buy baby and Amazon. You're welcome to look at mine or I suggest getting your friend to take you somewhere next week and do it then. That's what I did!


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