Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blue or Pink

My husband and I go in for our 16 week appointment tomorrow and the doctor asked if we would like to find out the gender of our baby? Umm, let me think......YES! It's crazy to me that we can find out so early. Did anyone else find out at 16 weeks? Where you nervous that they would tell you the wrong gender? I don't think I can handle flip flopping.

Oddly enough, neither Andy or I have a strong feeling either way about the gender. Honestly! I thought I would be the mom who would say "I just know it's a _____, I just know it." But I have no idea, it's kind of weirding me out. So like all modern day girls I Googled gender prediction methods and came up with the fun chart that is ever so popular right now.

So any predictions or thoughts on the old wives tales? As my mom keeps reminding me, you will have either a girl or a boy, either is a blessing and I couldn't agree more.


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