Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Bridal Shower

As a female I have been to countless bridal, couple, ‘insert crazy theme here’ showers to celebrate someone getting married. Honestly I love them. I know that’s kind of weird but I really like the idea of people getting new stuff to start their new life together. (Plus I like buying presents for people!)

However I was surprised how different of an experience it is if the shower is for you. I’m used to being the planner and it was weird not knowing exactly what was going to happen and to have all the focus on me. Ace’s mom and sister-in-law were sweet enough to throw me my first bridal shower over the Labor Day weekend. It was all his family and friends and that may have contributed to my nervousness. Yet the overwhelming feeling of love and support took over and I was able to have a lot of fun.

Tips I learned while opening presents and looking through pictures of myself opening presents:
1) If you wear a dress make sure it covers your knees when you sit so you don’t worry about flashing people.
2) Sit up straight, no one likes a slouchy bride.
3) Smile the whole time so you don’t end up with weird facial expressions in people’s pictures.
4) Make sure you have someone take notes on who gave you what and someone to hand you presents and take away the trash. (Huge thanks to Ashley and Reenie for this!)

Overall I had a blast and Ace and I really enjoyed sitting down just the two of us afterwards to go through all the gifts. We are so blessing to have such wonderful family and friends.

The beautiful tables, the napkin rings are big diamond rings.
I was very excited about my slow cooker.My gorgeous servingware!
My sweet cake!

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