Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Show Lineup

The new fall TV shows are airing and now that I learned to finally use the DVR, yea it took me a while, I can watch them all. I love a full DVR on a rainy day, which we are having lots of lately. There are a lot of new shows that I’m going to try out so we’ll just have to see if they are any good. I think I’ll borrow my good friend Olivia’s format to map out my schedule.

8:00 PM = Giuliana & Bill – MyStyle (Guilty pleasure)
8:30 PM = 2 Broke Girls - CBS
9:00 PM = Hart of Dixie – CW

8:00 PM = Glee – Fox, Last Man Standing - ABC
8:30 PM = Man Up – ABC
9:00 PM = New Girl - Fox
10:00 PM = Mad Fashion – Bravo
10:30 PM = Fashion Hunter - Bravo

8:30 PM = Suburgatory - ABC
9:00 PM = Modern Family – ABC
9:30 PM = Happy Endings - ABC
10:00 PM = Up All Night – NBC, Revenge – ABC, Extreme Couponing – TLC, Top Chef Just Desserts - Bravo
10:30 PM = Free Agents – NBC

9:00 PM = Grey’s Anatomy – ABC
9:30 PM = Whitney - NBC
10:30 PM = The League - FX

11:30 AM = Pioneer Woman – Food Network
10:00 PM = Dina’s Party - HGTV

9:00 PM = Desperate Housewives – ABC
10:00 PM = Pan Am – ABC

If you need an everyday fix a new show called The Chew airs every weekday at 1:00 PM at ABC. Also I never miss Passport with Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel at 10 and 10:30 AM. It keeps my travelling obsession at bay, for a while at least.

What are you watching?


  1. LOVE Modern Family. Just finished season 2 on Netflix in time for the new season to start.
    Grey's. Always.
    I watched Revenge.... wasn't too impressed.

    Not on your list... How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Once Upon a Time (starts 10/23), Brothers and Sisters, the River, and Person of Interest.

  2. love the line-up. I added Pan-Am to my list, (which I really enjoyed last night!) and I'm thinking Revenge is really going to be a good one! I enjoyed the premiere! :)


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