Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greek Festival and a Wreath

One of my favorite events to kick off the fall season for me is the local Greek Festival. The one in Columbia, SC has grown to be kind of a big deal. It runs for four days and it seems like everyone makes it out at least once, mainly for the food and pastries. Last year I’m pretty sure I went at least twice for lunch and everything is so good! I was sure we were going to miss out this year but low and behold Charlotte had their own Greek Festival. Ace and I went for a late lunch on Friday and were surprised to find the festival pretty quiet. It was an odd time to go but still. Anyway, we got our usual gyro and tried the Greek beer Mythos, we weren’t going back to work so chill out. The food was good but not our favorite. We shared a baklava sundae, again not as good as the ones in Cola., and took a box of treats home with us. It was nice to have a greek-fix but it just wasn’t the same as what we were used to in Columbia. Good news, we are going to be in Columbia to watch the Gamecocks vs. Navy game this weekend and that is when Columbia is having their Greek Festival. Yay! Not only did we not miss it but we got two Greek Fests!

On a different note, I decided I couldn’t look at our plain front door anymore. When you live in a condo everyone’s door looks the same and it was driving me crazy. I know, I focus on the weirdest stuff. Anyway, I stopped by Michael’s and picked up fall wreath stuff and while I cleared out a bunch of shows on the DVR I made this:


  1. Pretty wreath! Grandma Kinch would be proud.

  2. I agree, lovely wreath my dear! And Greek Fest... going to fill up on so many goodies tonight. :D

  3. Love the wreath! I'm planning on making one for the Christmas season (probably borrowing an idea from Pinterest of course). Happy Autumn!


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