Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I'm Reading

I’ve read some pretty good books lately. For anyone who doesn’t know already I am a huge chit lit book fan. I like to mix it up every so often but usually it’s strictly girly books. So here are some good books that I would recommend.

Always the Baker, Never the Bride – Since I’ve become engaged I’ve taken it as my job to read all the totally cheesy wedding fiction books. It’s basically research. This is a really cute book and the pastry recipes in between the chapters are a plus. It’s about a girl who becomes the wedding cake baker at a wedding venue. I absolutely adore reading about wedding planning for the event planners point of view. (P.S. If you do too, read the Bride Quartet series by Nora Roberts because that’s exactly what they are about. Don’t get deterred by the fact it’s an author your mother likes.)
Shoe Addicts Anonymous – It was kind of a combination between the Shopaholic books and the Nanny Diaries but grown up a little bit. We follow the lives of four women who have nothing in common other than their love of shoes. Their club ends up helping everyone in many different ways.

Stop Dressing Your Six Year like a Skank – I love Celia Rivenbark and all of her books are hilarious. For anyone not from the south you can get a very real idea of how many southerns actually look at the world. And for ladies from the south it’s just a reminder what a great, and entertaining, region we live in.
Hitched: The Go-Girls Guide to the First Year of Marriage – This is the first ‘how to be married’ book that I read and to tell you the truth I was a little nervous. I had heard from a couple friends that many of the books out there talk about how the wife needs to wait on her husband hand and foot, don’t bother him with questions or ask him to do things around the house, and basically in my opinion to revert back to the 1950s. Now don’t get me wrong there is a part of me that wants to take care of Ace but I want a marriage that is a partnership, not me becoming his maid. But I digress. This book if for the modern woman who wants to know what the first year of marriage is actually like. (Well, I’m guessing since I’ve haven’t been married yet.) The author goes through everything from planning the ceremony, to figuring how to change your name, to combining finances, to umm… how things may change in the boudoir after marriage. This book brought up a bunch of questions that I would have never thought to talk over with my fiancé, which is crazy because I figured we had covered it all already. I highly recommend this book even if you have been married for a while already.

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  1. yay! welcome back! these sound like cute books! i recently bought new shelves and didn't realize just how many titles we have! you should definitely plan on doing some summer reading at the beach!


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