Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lots of New Life Changes

A lot has changed since I last wrote in September and I’ve got a lot of ideas of what I want to do with this blog. I have a couple new interests and thoughts that I want to keep all in one place. I’m entering into a new phase of my life, lots of changes are happening and I want all of you to enjoy the journey with me. So I’m updating the blog layout, or at least trying to with my totally non-tech savvy self, so hopefully it’ll come together soon. Please feel free to add suggestions, comments, ideas along the way because frankly I’m just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks.

First big change, I turned 25. This has been the first age in a long time that I can say I feel a little different after hitting this milestone. When you are under 25 years old you can still be considered a kid, young adult, naïve. But 25 is an adult with no questions. I don’t feel old enough to be an adult so am just going to call myself a nondescript 20-something.

The next big thing is the best man in the world asked me to marry him and I said YES! He is beyond anything I could have ever asked for and he my number one. (Just thought up a fun nickname for the fiancé from that sentence, Ace!) I’m so excited and now I’ve started down the long, and intense, path of wedding planning. I plan events for a living; however planning the biggest event/party in your life so far is a little daunting. I’ve discovered an obsession with wedding blogs, which I think is totally normal, with a special love for all photography. I can look at different photographers all day long. (Just a side note: I have found my wedding photographer and I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I stalk his site daily.)Last big piece of news, Ace has moved to Charlotte! Wahoo! Finally we are at least both in the Carolinas. We had a lot of fun finding his current condo and for the first time ever I get to decorate a home anyway I want! I’m not sure if I have a decorating gene or not but I guess we will find out.

Here is to all the exciting new changes and to the hope that I’ll actually remember to update my blog more often!

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