Monday, February 21, 2011

What a Wondeful Weekend!

What a wonderful weekend! Of course it went by way too fast but I’ve rarely said “The weekend just wouldn’t end”. We had some of the most beautiful weather and Ace and I tried to take advantage of it as much as possible.

We made plans to go to a USC baseball next weekend so we decided to explore Congaree National Park here in Columbia. I’ve never been but Ace did some research and found this great adventure for us. It was so much fun! It’s hidden away but totally worth the long drive in the middle of nowhere. There are tons of different boardwalk paths and hiking trails to choose from and the untouched, well as much as possible, nature was amazing. It gave us lots of time to catch up with each other which I think we sometimes forget to do with everything being so busy at work. Of course we both forgot our camera so I’m borrowing some pictures so you can see the place.

Borrowed from here and here
I’m glad we did a bunch of walking this weekend to offset all the eating we did. But I try, and am getting better at, not eating out as much anymore during the week so I can save money, and calories, for the weekends. We first hit up Groucho’s which is a must for all Columbia residents and USC alums. Then we had the best barbeque in town at Palmetto Pig, which is now opened on Saturdays to accommodate the baseball crowd. If you haven’t been yet it’s right behind the Coliseum and is awesome! To finish off our eating fest we tried out a new yogurt place called 32 degrees over in Forest Acres. It’s the usual set up: take as much yogurt as you want, add toppings, and then they weigh it to embarrass the heck out of you because you were such a piggy with all the choices. Whatever, it was good and it’s so close to my house that I might have to give it a couple more tries. P.S. Has anyone else noticed that we have a new dessert craze every couple years? First it was the Cold Stone/Marble Slab ice cream craze, then the cupcakes, now the yogurt. What’s next?!?!?
One last thing about the weekend, we went and saw Just Go With It with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and we both thought it was really cute. There were some great one-liners to keep the boy entertained, well that and an almost naked Brooklyn Decker. I totally recommend it if you are looking for an easy on the brain movie.
Everyone have a great week!


  1. I brought our mothers there several years ago, the first time I came to SC in the fall. It really is a great spot!

  2. You know I'm embarrassed to say I work for the premier campus office on environment and sustainability and I've never been to Congaree??? I'm dying to check it out, though - maybe I should convince work to let me go spend a day there instead of the office! :)

    And I'm actually really excited to see the movie (will it still be out in 6 months when I have a free weekend??? ;).... The cast looks hilarious. Isn't Dave Matthews in it???

    Anywho, glad you and the boy are still able to find time for each other. I know it's rough but don't those special moments mean THAT much more now??? :) I'd love to see y'all soon, please!!


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