Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Office Plants

Do you have a plant in your office? With my new job I got my very own office with my very own window. It's glorious! I'm still in the progress of making the space mine and I'm debating a plant of some kind. I'm not much of a green thumb so I want something easy, but pretty. My only thought at the moment is absolutely no bamboo, I'm still trying to get rid of that stuff in my back yard. I'm thinking something small so it can go on my desk or on the window sill. Thoughts?

Azalea Bonsai
Azalea Bonsai
The 6 Best Plants for a Healthy Office: Gardenia (Gardenia augusta)
Lemon Balm or Mint
Dracaena Plant


  1. You are so lucky to have your own office with your own window. I bet an orchid would do well in there, depending on how much direct sunlight you get. They love lots of light, just not direct. They are pretty easy to care for, too. Congrats on the new job!

  2. I have a spathaphyllum (peace lily) and a spider plant in my office, which doesn't have a window, but they seem to get enough light from my fluorescent bulbs. Both are very tolerant of neglect. Flowering plants are nice, but in my experience, way too easy to kill.

  3. I sit in a cube with now windows. No plants but tons and tons of pictures! Glad you're back to blogging :)


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