Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10 Random Things About Me

I love when people post random things about themselves. It makes me feel a little better to hear that other people have odd quirks, not just me.

1) I blow my nose a lot. My husband says it's definitely more than anyone else he knows. Great.......

2) Growing up we only had three choices in the house to drink: milk, orange juice, or water. It still feels like a treat when we have tea or soda in the house now.

3) Both my parents were librarians, but I love book stores. It drives my mom crazy.

4) I make the bed every morning. I'm not talking hotel grade or anything, but the sheets and covers are straightened and all the pillows are arranged. When I was little I had a bad tendency of slipping back into bed after my parents woke me up in the morning. To stop me from doing that my parents would have me make my bed first thing so I wouldn't get back in. It just stuck and now I feel like the bedroom looks super messy if the bed is not made. (PS my husband does not share this philosophy and never makes the bed.)

5) I hate to clean the house, but get huge satisfaction out of doing laundry and ironing.

6) My hair is naturally super straight and baby fine. It does absolutely nothing other than lay flat. I can curl it, blow dry it upside down, you name it I've try it to add volume, but it falls by noon every time. My favorite posts to read are when people with similar hair post about what products they use.

7) I love wearing jeans; they can be casual, they can be dressy, they are super universal. But I hate shopping and buying them. Maybe everyone feels like this but it's torture to find jeans that fit perfectly.

8) I have super high arches on my feet so flats are usually uncomfortable for me. This is not a problem being 5 foot even, I can use all the height I can get.

9) I've only broken one bone in my whole life, the very tip of my left index finger. How pitiful is that? (Of course I was a huge baby about it, did I mention I was 26 years old when it happened?)

10) I have no idea what is more important to spend money on: filling the house, fixing the house, or travel.

What are some things that we wouldn't know about you from reading your blog?


  1. I sent an invite to you again. Hopefully you got it. We were the same with drinks growing up except instead of juice it was Crystal Light. To get a 2 liter of Coke was a BIG.FREAKING.DEAL!!

  2. I'm the same way about thing 4- I can't focus on anything else until my bed is made in the morning! Love the idea of posting random things!


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