Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Our Baby Must Have Items

When you go to register for baby stuff for the first time it's scary. You have no idea what you actually need and even when friends suggest things there is no way to know whether it'll work for your baby. However, some of the products out there are amazing. My mom says all the time, "We didn't have anything like that when you were born". Here are a couple items that have worked wonders in our house.

There is no way around the painful first couple of weeks home with a newborn. You will be exhausted and up every two to three hours. But there is nothing more annoying than getting baby to sleep and as soon as you put them down they jerk themselves awake. Ahhhh! I had two friends, and Classic Annie, recommend the Summer Infant SwaddlePod and it was a game changers. Babies look like a peapod but it stops them from startling themselves awake. We are still using the next step up, the SwaddleMe Wrap, and love it.

I saw this on The Girl in the Red Shoes blog and after watching the video I had to have it. It is an easy way to wash a lot of bottles quickly.

I was definitely one of those people who took one look at this thing and said "Ewww, gross, never". Well then the baby got a stuffy nose and the bulb just wasn't cutting it. So we bought it, tried it, and now we are believers. Heads up: while I can do it, Andy is much better at it because his lung capacity is larger. It's tough for me to do.

I had no intentions of buying a heartrate monitor. It wasn't until we got baby home and started talking about putting her in the crib. Then I had to have it. After reading Carolina Charm's experience on her blog it was all I could think about. I'm pretty sure Andy thought I was crazy, until it was set up. Now he will tell you that he also sleeps so much better knowing it's on. Honestly, if I were doing it again, I would wait on buying the video monitor and just buy this.

These are one of those duh products that make so much sense it's crazy. They just lay on your pretty changing pad and save you the hassle of having to wash the whole thing when accidents happen. Because they will happen. Could you just use a burp cloth, yes, but the waterproof element is a nice touch.

Babies are oddly really good at kicking their socks off. I can't tell you how often we would look down and AG only had one sock on. Well a mom at her school found these Sock Ons and know everyone has them. They go around the foot and gently keeps the sock secure.

Again, while these things worked great for us, there are probably a dozen moms who tried and hated everything. It really is just testing what works for you and your family.

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