Tuesday, November 3, 2015

4 Months

Happy 4 Months Baby Girl!

- Officially measured at her 4 month appointment and she was 13lbs 5 oz and 25 inches long.


- Still eating 4 oz every three hours, six times a day. AG officially stopped nursing this month, I think it's because she got used to the bottle at school and doesn't want to work for it anymore. I miss it a little bit, but she was always hit or miss with nursing sessions so I had a feeling it was coming. I'm still pumping six times a day because my goal was always to give her breast milk at least up to six months if I could. It's working fine for now, but we'll keep an eye on it.

- Still wearing size 1 diapers and she is about to grow out of 3 month clothes. We use Pampers Swaddlers during the day, gotta have that wetness indicator, and Pampers Baby Dry at night since they hold more and keep her dryer.

- Her favorite spot is still her changing table, post diaper change.

- Her hands are in her mouth all the time. She doesn’t drool, but the wet hands make everything else wet.

- She has started grabbing at things. She likes to hold onto her bottle while she eats, holds tightly to our fingers, and loves pulling her pacifier out of her mouth. Unfortunately she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of putting it back in her mouth, although she tries.
- She is definitely a morning baby, once she is fed and changed. We get the best giggles and smiles while getting her ready for school in the morning.

- Hates waking up and falling asleep.

- We took our first trip to Myrtle Beach to visit Andy’s mom. We stopped once to feed and change her each way, but mostly she slept. She loved all the attention and did great sleeping in the pack and play, which was good since we don’t have one at home and didn’t know how she would do.

- On October 4th Columbia, SC experienced the biggest flood for over a 100 years. Columbia received over 20 inches of rain and many houses around us were evacuated. We were without water for two days, found a leak in our roof, and had to boil water for two weeks after. Not wanting to take any chances we washed all bottles with bottled water the whole time. While it was annoying we were so blessed compared to so many very near us.

- She is loving school. The ladies who watch her say she is really good and they are amazing at how she can sleep through anything.

- She babbles a lot now and has been experimenting with volume. She seems to like loud best.

- Starting to react to our voices. When we call her name she’ll start looking around and then gets this big smile on her face when she sees us. My heart explodes every time.

- Daddy put her in the bumbo seat and she loves it. It’s been great to sit her up while we make and eat dinner. She likes being able to look around and be part of everything.

- Camden and the baby have an interesting relationship. AG doesn’t mind Camden in her face, but Camden can’t seem to figure out what to do with her. He wants to lick her, but we won’t let him, so he just sniffs her and follows her around. He’ll go lay down in her room when she’s in her crib, but has a tendency to run to the other side of the house when she is really fussy.

- She loves to be outside. When in doubt when she is uncontrollably fussy, go outside. Sometimes it takes a minute, which I’m sure our neighbors love, but she always calms down.

Mommy hasn't been as good at taking pictures this month since we've been separate during the day. I'm a little mad at myself, so I'll do better next month. We are learning more about Anna Grace everyday. I think maternity leave was so unfun for us because we didn't go anywhere. AG seems to like when we go out and do things best. She wants to see people and different things and loves fresh air. I blame the hibernating that I did on just being a new mom and still self conscious about any fussing she might do in public. I didn't realize she was literally bored to tears. Anyway, going to school has helped so much since she gets so much stimulation and we know that on the weekends we need to plan outings for each day. We are really starting to see a fun side of Anna Grace and we are loving it.

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