Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Second Anniversary in Greenville, SC

A couple weekends ago Andy and I took a quick trip to Greenville, SC to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Downtown Greenville is beautiful, fun, and clean. We were there the same weekend Artisphere, an art festival, was in town. We had fun looking though all the booths and imagining what we could put on our walls at home.

 We loved walking through Falls Park. It's always so peaceful and it makes us so jealous that we can't walk Camden here every evening. 

We always eat well when we go to Greenville. For lunch we stopped at Blue Ridge Brewery, which we loved from a trip a couple years ago. It did not disappoint with my buffalo burger and a cordon blue sandwich for Andy.

As a treat for all the walking around we were doing we stopped for gelato at Luna Rosa. It was such a fun experience. The girls behind the counter where so nice helping us pick a flavor and let us try anything we wanted. We sat outside and just relaxed for a bit.

All of a sudden the temperature dropped by like 10 degrees and we decided it might be a good idea to walk to the car. We were barely in the stairwell of the parking garage when the bottom fell out. It was raining so hard that water was flying inside the parking garage. Thankfully it didn't last long and we left when we did.

We then met up with some friends who live in town for some drinks and dinner at Soby's. If you visit Greenville, do yourself a favor and go to Soby's. It was so good! I had an amazing spinach salad and the crab cakes and Andy had the she-crab soup and the pork loin. We both we beyond happy with our choices.

(Pics from their website)

I swear we did more than just eat while we were there. We stopped in all the different stores and I bought some tea for my mom for Mother's Day.

I thought for a second Andy was going to take a puppy home. A guy had a whole litter of brand new puppies on display right on the sidewalk and we couldn't resist taking a peek.

Now a question for anyone who knows Greenville, do you know where I could find a print (photograph or painting) of either Falls Park or downtown Greenville?


  1. I visited Greenville for the first time about a month ago on the way back from a hiking trip. We actually ate at Blue Ridge Brewing and my experience wasn't as good. I thought the food was not good, but the beer was delish.
    That same guy, with the same puppies was out there that day too. He attracted a huge crowd.
    Happy 2nd anniversary!! I bet LuLu could help you in finding that print :)

  2. How fun! I love downtown Greenville!


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