Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday

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 We made it! After lots of predicting and tons of humidity Columbia, SC received almost no rain. My heart goes out to everyone who was hit by the crazy storms. Hopefully everyone has the beautiful weather that we are suppose to have this weekend.

I had to take my car into the shop for some routine stuff, so I carpooled with Andy to work this morning. As a treat we stopped at First Citizens Cafe on Main Street. I got a chocolate croissant and a Chai Cookie latte, which was chai tea and hazelnut. So good!
I am on the hunt for new throw pillows for our den. We have a couch and loveseat in a green microfiber that Andy got when he was living by himself. Here is a picture of the couch (dog and Ravens pillow came separate) and some ideas I had.,default,sc.html?icid=cat_pillows-category_tile-pillows#start=0&sz=12&showAll=296,default,sc.html?icid=cat_pillows-category_tile-pillows#start=0&sz=12&showAll=296,default,sc.html?icid=cat_pillows-category_tile-pillows#start=0&sz=12&showAll=296

Since we got HBO Go, Andy has convinced me to watch some of the first Game of Thrones episodes. I saw the pilot ages ago and decided it wasn't for me. Well, I still think it's intense and have to look at the floor every so often because I'm a wuss, but I'm getting into it more than I thought. Just goes to show, I really will watch anything in marathon form.

We got our wedding cake from a local bakery in Columbia, so I picked up a couple slices for our anniversary. I'm not a huge cake fan, but boy do I love this cake. I'm pretty sad that we finished off the last piece last night. 
To celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary Andy and I are taking a quick trip up to Greenville, SC. Greenville is so fun, clean, and young, but we rarely get up there. We have a list of ideas of what we could do but nothing set in stone which I like. I'm looking forward to just relaxing and exploring.


  1. Mmm. Love chocolate croissants! Great pillows.

    Enjoy your anniversary trip.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I visited Greenville once and really liked it! Hope you had a wonderful time!


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