Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Bridal Portraits

I'm trying to be patient when it comes to our wedding pictures but it's driving me NUTS that I still haven't seen a single photo. It's been a month and I just need one sneak peak. But I haven't seen any yet so to tide you over I'm going to share a couple of my bridal portraits with you. I love them, hope you do too.

Photographer: Evan Laettner


  1. Sarah, you are gorgeous - absolutely stunning! Truly, those are some of the best wedding shots I've seen in ages. Hoping you're in newlywed bliss :)

  2. A month and no sneak peek? That would drive me nuts too! These are gorgeous. Where in the world is this? SC, I assume?
    Again, love your dress!

  3. You are so stinking cute! Love these pics...and I'm super ready to see pics too... I know you are itching bigtime right now! Miss you tons!!!

  4. Stunning! I am so in love with Lowndes Grove! Your bouquet is beautiful, too! Who did your flowers?

  5. Oh my word, SARAH! These are stunning! I mean, so many are just timeless and classic. I think that's why some of the b&w's are my favorite. Oh, and the one of you at the doors with the chandelier lit up behind you ... so, so pretty. Your dress is a stunner!

  6. These pictures are exquisite. I loved seeing a few of them at the wedding, and it's great to get to see more now. I'm looking forward to the wedding photos too!


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