Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

What I Wore

I have been waiting for forever to do this post because I loved everything I wore on my wedding day. (Which I’m guessing is a DUH! statement for all brides.)

Getting ready:
I got all my bridesmaids button down shirts with their initials on them to wear while we got ready. I, of course, had to get myself one too. Everyone loved them and they made for an easy change throughout the day. (Oh and my friends made me wear a crown.)

The Dress:
I think it’s funny that when I saw pictures of my dress in a magazine I didn’t like it. But then I put it on and it just felt right. I felt pretty, grown-up, and bridal and my dress was so “me”. It’s called Maeve by Priscilla of Boston: Vineyard Collection. I tried on a couple slim dresses and it just wasn’t my style. This was my chance to wear a poofy dress, and boy did I take advantage of it.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted a veil when I first started looking at dresses. But when I found the dress the lovely ladies at the bridal store put this long veil on me and I was hooked. It’s amazing how much the veil made me feel like a bride. It was custom made by Poinsett Bride and the edging is actually material from my dress so it matched perfectly. I only wore it for the ceremony and pictures but I really loved it.

I bought a broach and matching-ish hairclips at the same place I bought my dress. I needed just a little sparkle and these were perfect.
 I found someone on Etsy who made wedding jewelry to make my earrings. I knew I wanted something with sparkles and pearls and these were a great combination of both.

I found my shoes way before I found my dress. Yes I know I’m weird, but I have really small feet and sling-backs fit my foot better than regular heels. So when I found these in size 5 ½ and in the same color as the bridesmaids dress I jumped on them. I loved the pop of color they added and they were really comfortable. After the garter toss I changed into the white Rainbows my mom gave me at my bridal shower. (Back story: my mom was horrified when I said I would probably change into flipflops sometime during the night so she bought me white ones to blend in with the dress. )

Makeup and Perfume:All my make up was Bare Minerals. This was the first time I had ever used this type of makeup and I wasn’t that impressed. For my bridal portraits, which were taken in a different city, I had the spray on makeup and that was awesome! I wore a completely new perfume on our wedding day, Flora by Gucci: Gorgeous Gardenia. It’s flowery, sweet, feminine, and perfect for a bride. I could only get a sample of it because Sephorna was sold out, but I’ll be buying it at some point. Both Andy and I associate it’s smell with our wedding day and honeymoon, which is always something we’ll want to remember.
What was your favorite thing you wore on your wedding day?

*Big thanks to Celia G's Photographie for such great pictures!


  1. Ohhhhhh I LOVE your dress!

    Good idea on the perfume, I may have to visit Sephora for a sample too!

  2. Love the dress! Such a bummer Priscilla of Boston went out of business though!
    My favorite thing I wore on my wedding day were my red shoes :)

  3. love the button down idea!! oh and I'm pretty sure I've pinned your wedding dress on pinterest!! love it--you looked gorgeous!!


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