Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To-Do lists and Hankies

I’m one day closer to the big day and I’m just finishing up some last minute details.

- I need to finish packing. I have three separate piles of stuff layed out on our guest bed. One pile is what I will take to Columbia for when I stay at Mom’s house. One is the wedding night pile, and one is the honeymoon pile. None of them are actually ready to be packed yet and that needs to change.

- I have wrapped the groomsmen’s gifts and fathers’ gifts.

- I am going to have the labels for the favors made tonight.

- I am getting my hair trimmed and touched up tonight as well.

That’s about it. Between my mom and I planning like crazy people for the last year and a half we don’t have a ton to do right out the end, thank goodness.
I do have a question though, does anyone know where I can find a woman’s hanky in Charlotte? I need some ASAP!


  1. Maybe a department store like Belk would carry them, but I would first call a few Bridal Boutiques in Charlotte. If they don't carry them, I'm sure they could tell you who does. Bouquets wrapped in vintage handkerchiefs are so popular right now - surely they would know. Good luck!

  2. eep! I can't believe you stopped blogging just berfoe the big day! Any chance of pics?

    xo em

  3. maybe the buttercup on providence? seems like something they might have!

    found your blog through ally! best wishes on your upcoming marriage :)

  4. sorry i have never lived in Charleston so i am no help on where to get a hanky but i do want to say congrats on your wedding!!


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