Sunday, April 8, 2012

100 Blog Posts!

Happy 100th post!

Hello my lovely blog! Oh how I have missed you. I’ve been a bad blogger the last couple of weeks but I have good reasons. Mainly because I started a NEW JOB! I’ve been getting used to the new schedule and trying to figure out how to fit life in around it. Here is a quick glance at what’s been going on in my life:
First, the new job. I’ve been there for almost three weeks now and I’m just now starting to feel somewhat comfortable answering my phone. This job is in a different field than any other job I’ve ever done so the learning curve has been a little rough and slow going. I have a tendency to compare myself to people who have been doing this for many years, which isn’t fair (I know!), but I’m ready to not ask my poor coworkers five million questions every day, and I’m sure they are too.

I “officially” moved to Charlotte, NC! I’ve been back and forth while looking for jobs so it’s been nice to finally be in the same city as Andy.

Speaking of my prince charming, we are getting married in THREE WEEKS! With the start of the new job and the last month of the NBA season I kind of lost track of time and all of a sudden we are in the home stretch before the wedding. I’m not nervous at all really. I don’t have time to think about it much, which may be a good thing since I have a tendency to obsess a little. I’m just ready to be married. Andy has been really sweet to wait a year and a half while I planned our dream wedding, but I’m not sure he could wait much longer and I agree. It’s crazy to think in a month I will be writing blogs as a married lady!

This is my 100th blog post! I started this blog because I had enjoyed reading so many other blogs and thought maybe I could give it a shot. It has been a great way to preserve my thoughts and life experiences. I have learned a lot of new things, made new friends, and honestly have gotten way more from blogging than I probably have put in it, which I’m going to try and work on. I figured for this special post I would let you know that I planned to change the look of my blog again soon. I don’t know why I can’t stick with one background but my taste keeps changing I guess.

Thank you for anyone who reads this blog!

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  1. Well first, I'm so glad to see you pop up in my Reader! Glad you're posting again ;)
    Second, congratulations on the new job & moving to the Queen City!! We love living in Charlotte so much and moved here as newlyweds. So Jeff & I wish you & Andy the same happiness we've found while living here.
    And lastly, I'll be thinking of you the next few weeks leading up to your big day. I hope it's a relaxing time and one filled with sweet memories. Wishing you both a lifetime of wedded bliss! :)

    PS - you need to blog your chicken salad recipe. I'm dying to try it! We'll trade - you make my pimento cheese & I'll make your chicken salad! :)


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