Sunday, April 15, 2012

Honeymoon Must Haves!

In fourteen days my new HUSBAND and I will be finishing up packing for our HONEYMOON! I’m so glad to see on other blogs that people start daydreaming about their honeymoon before it happens because we both are pumped to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Neither of us has been before so it should be a lot of fun. My three honeymoon requirements were: I wanted to leave Monday so we can drive from Columbia to Charlotte and settle down for a day before we leave, I wanted tropical (i.e. lots of sand, beaches, and fruity drinks), and I wanted it all inclusive so the hardest decision I would have to make is which restaurant should we go to. I got all three, so now I’m ready to get there!

Like the little planner I am, I’ve already started making piles of what we need to take with us on our honeymoon. (I know, I’m ridiculous.) But I just want to drive home on Sunday and everything be ready to leave Monday morning. I thought I would share with you a couple of the fun things we are taking to make our trip fun, comfortable, and memorable.
Honeymoon Must Haves:
A hat! I have a couple large brim hats from my Carolina Cup days, which I adore, but they aren’t the easiest things to pack. So when I saw a cobalt blue floppy hat in TJ Max yesterday that could be squished or flattened I jumped on it. I burn so easily, so a hat is a necessity.  Should I monogram it? Silly question.
2010 Carolina Cup - Look how far Andy's head is from mine. Hahaha!
We just got a fantastic wedding gift in the mail and thank goodness we got it before we left on our honeymoon. It’s a Kodak PlaySport Waterproof Video Camera! We have already charged it up and started to learn how to use it. It’s really simple and we can’t wait to start making home movies. My parents made tons of them when I was a kid, so it’ll be nice to do that for our new family. (P.S. I promise I wrote the thank you note before we started playing with the camera.)
Suntan lotion. As I said before, I burn just thinking about the sun, but I want to come back with a beautiful “we just got back from our honeymoon” glow. Any good suggestions for products that will keep me safe however will let a little sun through?

All my pretty goodies I got at my bachelorette party. My friends threw me an awesome bachelorette party, which I’ll write about soon, that included a lingerie shower. My friend Rebecca, check her out over at Southern Happy Hour, was sweet enough to wrap up each gift in a different color tissue paper. Then when we are on our honeymoon, Andy can just pick a color. That way it’s a surprise for him and me. Isn't that such a cute idea?! Any suggestions on how to get wrapped items through security? Should I take them in my carry on or in my checked luggage?

Last, but never least, my books! I’m taking a couple because I’m planning to spend a lot of time lying on the beach doing nothing. Ahhhhh….sounds like heaven! I’ve been saving the newest Mary Kay Andrews book Summer Rentals especially for our honeymoon. Andrews is one of my very favorite writers so I have to save her books for special occasions. I think I’ll also take How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World by Jordan Christy. It’s small and witty and it’s been on my list of ages, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

If you have any other suggestions of honeymoon must haves please let me know!


  1. We dreamed about our honeymoon more than the wedding and had the trip of a lifetime to Capri, Italy.

    I took several books too, but never turned a page. There was just so much to do! And even when we were on the beach or boat I just wanted to soak in the scenery, including my husband ;)

    The one thing I regret I didn't pack was comfy/cute shoes. I packed several heels & flats, but we did a ton of walking and my feet were killing me. Not smart.

    I hope y'all have a blissful, glorious time together! :)

  2. Pack the wrapped gifts in your checked luggage. HOpefully, they won't give you a hard time.
    I'm a big hat person too. A lot of it is that I like the way they look but also it keeps head from burning.
    I like to exercise so I would say pack some tennis shoes and workour clothes if you're the same way!

  3. Ahh I know you are going to have SO much fun! Hope you have a wonderful trip, I wish we could go back :O)

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!!

    ***and definitely pack the wrapped gifts in your checked luggage and you'll be fine, My brother and sister in law travel with wrapped gifts for Christmas every year....that's such a cute idea!****

  4. You can pack those in your carry on if you want. They should go through the xray machine fine since it is just clothing!


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