Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday – Wedding Version

Now that we are six weeks out from the wedding, sorry for the constant updates, I figure I can post as many wedding posts as I want. I know this can be annoying for girls not in a relationship or not ready for marriage but one day you with become the all obsessed bride, don’t even think you will be immune because you won’t, and I won’t even tell you “I told you so”.

I’m loving…..that we are at the detail choosing stage of the wedding planning. I’ve always been a detail oriented person and the details are what make your wedding stand out from all the other weddings. The details are how you show yourself and your future spouse through all the chaos. I don't want to give away to much before the big day but here are a couple details that I'm loving.  

I’m loving….my invitations. I was pickier than I thought I would be about the invitations. I wanted something classic and simple but with a little detail that showed some character. I love initials but according to “stationary rules” if there was a monogram on the invite it had to be my pre-married monogram and I didn’t want it to just be about me. So I picked a big S in the middle since my first name starts with an S and my new married last name will start with an S. If that’s wrong, oh well. I love our invitations!

 I’m loving….our reception venue, The Millstone at Adam’s Pond! I went to a wedding reception there years ago and knew as soon as Andy asked me to marry him that Adam’s Pond was where we had to have the reception. I looked at one other place and my mom said there wasn’t any reason to look elsewhere because it was obvious I was set on Adam’s Pond. It has a southern feel and we can be inside and outside and I can’t wait to see everything put together. P.S. For anyone who is thinking about renting Adam’s Pond the event coordinator there is worth every penny. I feel like I’m in very good hands and the reception will go off without a hitch.

I’m loving….the Sh*t Brides Say video. Megan over at Fried Green Pickles, crazy cute blog, posted this video today and I thought it was hilarious. Unfortunately I think all brides have said some of these things and I apologize if I’ve said any of them to you.


  1. Ha, glad you liked the video! Thanks for the shout out! Loving the striped straws and mint julep cups, too!

  2. Your reception location looks so beautiful! I'm really looking forward to being there for it. Good luck managing all the final details while starting your new job!

  3. Love all the details especially those straws! Looks like your big day is coming up fast!
    I'm one of the people going to the happy hour tonight so I thought I would stop by and say hi :-)


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